Shingle Plant Monstera dubia Photo by Jenn Sinasac The Shingle Plant is an herbaceous creeping vine in the Arum family, Araceae. It gets its name from the “shingling” behavior exhibited by its young

Sobralia citrea Photo by Jenn Sinasac Sobralia citrea is the most common large, white-yellow orchid found along the Caribbean slope from Costa Rica through central Panama. This distinctive orchid was just recently described

Rough Ginger Costus scaber Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Rough Ginger, also known as Indian Head Ginger, is one of the “spiral-gingers” of the genus Costus, named for the way that the

Cabbage Bark Andira inermis Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Named for the pungent odor given off by its bark, the Cabbage Bark Tree grows tall, up to 35 meters in height and

Stinking Passion FlowerPassiflora foetida Photo by Jenn Sinasac Passion flowers are some of nature’s most strikingly beautiful flowers, and this one is no exception! This herbaceous vine produces a beautiful white flower with

Columnea billbergiana Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison A lovely epiphytic plant of the lowlands and foothills of central Panama, Columnea billbergiana is a member of the violet family, Gesneriaceae. It is recognized

Prestonia trifida Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Prestonia trifida (also known as P. obovata as a synonym) is a liana (woody vine) in the family Apocynaceae that is easily recognizable when flowering.

Palo Santo Triplaris cumingiana Photo by Jenn Sinasac The Palo Santo tree is a medium-sized tree found along the forest edges of the Canal area and Pacific lowlands of Panama. Growing up to

Machete Erythrina costaricensis Photo by Jenn Sinasac Also known as Poro and Palo Santo, the Machete plant is a member of the pea family, Fabaceae. This shrub or small tree grows 3-7 meters

Wild Cashew Anacardium excelsum Photo by Jenn Sinasac A close relative to the commercial Cashew tree, the Wild Cashew, locally known as Espavé, is a huge, common tree in the lowland humid forests