Canopy Family | Jungle Cucumber

Jungle Cucumber
Gurania tubulosa

Jungle Cucumber Gurania tubulosa Panama
Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison


The Jungle Cucumber is a woody vine (liana) found in lowland and premontane wet forests of Costa Rica and Panama. Clusters of orange tubular flowers are the most distinguishing feature of this plant, and stem right off the corky vine. The conspicuous flowers are attractive to birds and butterflies, and bloom throughout the year. On the other hand, the oblong fruits, 4-5 cm in length and resemble pickles, are rarely seen. They are known to be eaten by bats and birds. The flowers can be found in the understory of the forest, whereas the leaves and fruits are often out of sight in the canopy. The Jungle Cucumber is common throughout the lowland and foothill forests surrounding the Canopy Family lodges.