Stories of the Canopy Tower The Colors of the Canopy Tower by Raúl Arias de Para One of my favorite stories about the Canopy Tower is how I picked the colors with which

Birdwatching with Raul Arias de Para By Raul Arias de Para Businessman and Conservationist 28 June 1992  During the past five years or so, I have been dedicating a good part of my

Ecotourism: An Instrument of Conservation by Raúl Arias de Para, 1994  Ecotourism, an activity seemingly in vogue nowadays, is much more than sporadic visits to regions of extraordinary natural beauty. By the same

Ecotourism Facilities as a Reality: Canopy Adventure Presentation of Raul Arias de Para, President, The Canopy Tower for Conservation Panama’s Panama Conservation and Ecotourism Workshop February 19, 1998. Good afternoon, I would like

The World and I: A Tower in the Treetops By Nancy Hanna. Published on The World & I, February 1999. A former U.S. military radar facility in the Panama Canal Zone is transformed

El Ecoturismo Como Actividad Empresarial Presentación en la Conferencia Regional Centroamericana para el Año Internacional del Ecoturismo Hotel Fort George Ciudad de Belice, Belice 26-28 de Noviembre, 2001 Presentación de Raúl Arias de

World Ecotourism Summit Presentation by Mr. Raúl Arias de Para Representative of Panama, Central America and Mexico Québec, Canada May 18, 2002 More than 10 years ago, when I started in this fascinating

The Canopy Tower A Pilot Project of the TCR Alliance TCR Strategic Alliance: Tourism, Conservation, Research International Conference on Heritage Tourism for the Next Millenium Hotel Miramar, Panamá, December 2, 1998 Raúl Arias

A Day at the Canopy Tower Early Morning The day begins early in the Canopy Tower. Serious birders and wildlife afficionados are awakened before sunrise by the sounds of the great Panamanian rainforest.

Meet Raúl Arias de Para A Panamanian by birth and by heart, Raúl is the grandson of Don Tomás Arias, one of the Founders of the Republic of Panama. Raúl studied economics in