A View With a Room Plus: the World’s Ultimate Outposts By Alex Markels October 1999 Rainforest Canopy Tower, Panama The U.S. military once used this radar tower to track drug runners flying from

CNN Travel Now Insights Towering above Panama’s rain forest From Jim Morelli CNN Travel Now Correspondent June 2, 2000 (CNN) – Rising above the treetops of Panama’s rain forest is Canopy Tower, an

Article Twelve – Panama by Robert DeMayo published in Hollis Times June 2000 Far South of us, down by the equator, lie vast tracks of primary rainforest. Hot, sticky jungles filled with insects

Dec 17, 2000 CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS (excerpt) …Its owner, a former banker named Raúl Arias de Para, dubbed it the Canopy Tower and opened the lodging for business in 1999. Since then he has

By Andreae Downs, Globe Correspondent, 12/10/00 (excerpt) In a nature preserve just north of the city an entrepreneur named Raúl Arias de Para has converted an old US radar tower into a birder’s

July 2001 by Victor Emanuel Please note that all information is current only until the date of the newsletter. Even though I had seen Jeff Gordon’s videotape and heard glowing reports about Panama’s

In the treetops: Panama’s Canopy Tower provides a luxurious perch By Reed Glenn Special to The Denver PostSunday, March 31, 2002 – SOBERANIA NATIONAL PARK, Panama Sitting among the treetops high in the

New York Times, Travel Section (excerpts) By Mary Tannen April 21, 2002 I NEVER thought I’d come face to face with an ocellated antbird. In fact, until the day before, I hadn’t even known

Black Hawk-Eagle by Michael Castro One of the great pleasures of anyone who has an appreciation for the natural world is watching an animal return back to its natural habitat.  A sense of

“Choco” the Harpy Eagle, a new arrival at Summit Park A special visit to see Panama’s national bird, the majestic Harpy Eagle It’s not every day an opportunity arises to meet a Harpy