One of the Canopy Family’s major projects while tourism remains on hold is our agricultural project near the Canopy Lodge. This project entails the reclamation of approximately one hectare of overgrown farmland, owned

Panama Tree Sterculia apetala Photo by Raúl Arias de Para   Declared the official National Tree of Panama in 1969, this species is a typical component of a wide range of forest habitats

Gray-headed Chachalaca Ortalis cinereiceps Photo by Jonathan Slifkin   Gray-headed Chachalacas are usually a conspicuous presence, moving through the trees in flocks and delivering a chorus of loud, raucous calls. They are also

Rothschild’s PorcupineCoendou rothschildi Photo by Danilo Rodriguez, Jr.   The Rothschild’s Porcupine is a mysterious animal in many ways. An uncommon and nocturnal species, it has barely been studied in the field and

Mealy ParrotAmazona farinosa Photo by Jonathan Slifkin   What’s “mealy” about the Mealy Parrot? The species was so named because the grayish suffusion to the bird’s nape and upper back was said by

Two weeks ago, Charles Eldermire and Renee Mach from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology visited the Canopy Lodge in order to work on the Panama Fruit Feeder Cam that live-streams footage of the

With Canopy Family guide Oscar Fria’s discovery of an active Crested Eagle nest on February 20, the Canopy Camp can once again offer virtually guaranteed sightings of both Harpy Eagle and Crested Eagle,

Charles Eldermire, the Bird Cams Project Leader from Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, with Daniel Arias, the executive vice president of Canopy Family, installing the live camera on the fruit feeder at the Canopy

      Carlos and his parents live in Calamocha, a town of 3,000 people located in Teruel province, in the northeast of Spain. Carlos´s father Rodrigo is a biologist and teaches at

      Cameron Cox is an experienced and enthusiastic birder. He has counted migrating raptors at several hawkwatches throughout the United States. Here is Cameron’s thoroughly engaging description of his experience counting