Silver-throated Tanager Tangara icterocephala Photo by David Tipling The Silver-throated Tanager is a cheery, medium-sized tanager common in the foothills and highlands of southern Central America and northwestern South America. The adult male

Starry Cracker Hamadryas laodamia Photo by Tino Sanchez The Starry Cracker is an eye-catching creature; it has velvety blue-black wings with bright blue iridescent spots.  Unlike other crackers, males and females are sexually

Cuipo Cavanillesia platanifolia Photo by Jenn Sinasac The Cuipo is a huge emergent tree of the lowland rainforests from Nicaragua to Peru.  A member of the family Malvaceae (which includes the majestic baobab

Recently, a conversation came up between Canopy Camp Darien manager David Byers, and guest Dr. James (Jim) Karr, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, regarding interest in the annual rainfall in Darién

Tungara Frog Engystomops pustulosus Photo by Jenn Sinasac A common and well-studied frog in Panama, the Tungara Frog is best known by its unusual call “tun” followed often by “gara”, heard frequently from

Yellow Dancing Lady Orchid Oncidium stipitatum Photo by Jenn Sinasac The genus Oncidium is a large, recognizable group of tropical orchids, containing approximately 330 species. This medium-sized, epiphytic orchid is found in the

Northern Emerald-Toucanet Aulacorhynchus prasinus Photo by Rafael Lau The Northern Emerald-Toucanet is a small toucan found in the foothills forests of Central America from Mexico to far-eastern Panama. At only about a foot

Bald Eagle Photo credit: iStock By Mike Unwin It is mid-morning in Darién National Park, Panama, and I’m wilting in the rainforest heat. Three hours ago, with the ramshackle border town of Yaviza still

Yellow-headed Gecko Gonatodes albogularis Photo by Jenn Sinasac The attractive Yellow-headed Gecko is a diurnal, forest dwelling species of dwarf gecko native to the warm regions of Central and South America. It is

Scaly Tree Ferns Photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison Scaly Tree Ferns look like something out of Jurassic Park—in fact, they are ancient plants and originated in the late Jurassic. They are true