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El Valle's most exciting attraction!

Canopy Adventure zipline Panama
Photo by Alex Alba


Like a bird, "fly" through the treetops at the Canopy Adventure!

Canopy Adventure zip line tours are a fun and exhilarating activity where you can enjoy the sense of adventure and outstanding nature around you! Four cables of different styles will soar you through the upper levels of the cloud forest covered hills of El Valle de Anton. In addition to the excitement of being up in the trees, the zip-line will also take you over the largest waterfall in the area, Chorro El Macho, not just once, twice! You can even take a short break over the waterfall to watch the spectacular cascade below your dangling feet. It is an adventure not to be missed! 

We offer two options for the Canopy Adventure Zip-line: 

The full zip-line experience (2-3 hours)  |  $65 per person

After gearing up, your guide will lead you along a forested trail uphill to the first platform. The walk is approximately 20 minutes through lush green cloud forest, where it is possible to see many birds and animals, and countless beautiful plants. Once you reach the platform, its all downhill from there as you zip down 4 different lines, each unique in their own way! At the bottom, take a walk over to see the magnificent Chorro El Macho waterfall from below. 

Canopy Adventure zip-line teaser (30 minutes)  |  $20 per person

Would you like just a little taste of the zip-line? Try our introductory line, where you can get a feel for the enjoyment of a zipline adventure. This line passes over the Rio Amarillo stream, and finish with a great view of the Chorro El Macho waterfall along the trail. After this introductory zip-line, we are sure you will want to go for the full adventure!


Check out more photos of the zip-line on our Flickr page!



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