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Violet-bellied Hummingbird by Roef Mulder
Violet-bellied Hummingbird by Roef Mulder


2018-2019 Rates (Dec. 16, 2017 - Dec. 15, 2019)
US$ per person, double occupancy

High Season: December 16 - April 15
Green Season: April 16 - December 15


The Birds of the Canopy Tower

Blue Cotinga Canopy Tower

5 Night Package: High Season: $2,099  —  Green Season: $1,369

**add 3 nights at Canopy Lodge for only $1,049 (High) or $739 (Green)

7 Night Package: High Season: $2,939  —  Green Season: $1,889

**add 3 nights at Canopy Lodge for only $1,049 (High) or $739 (Green)

This all-inclusive tour emphasizes the bird-rich lowland tropical forests of the Canal Zone. It features some of the best birding Central America has to offer!  Lodging and our base of operations will be the world-famous Canopy Tower with unlimited access to our fabulous Observation Deck every morning, afternoon and evening, where you enjoy "canopy birding" at its best!  Excursions to some of Panamá's premier birding locations, including world famous Pipeline Road, along with Semaphore Hill, Plantation Trail, Summit Ponds, Panamá Rainforest Discovery Center and its remarkable tower, Chagres River, Gamboa and the marshy Ammo Ponds round out an outstanding week of birding.

The Birds of the Canopy Lodge

Tody Motmot Canopy Lodge

5 Night Package: High Season: $2,099  —  Green Season: $1,369

**add 3 nights at Canopy Tower for only $1,049 (High) or $739 (Green)

7 Night Package: High Season: $2,939  —  Green Season: $1,889

**add 3 nights at Canopy Tower for only $1,049 (High) or $739 (Green)

This 5-night or 7-night Panama birding tour explores the foothills and cloud forests of El Valle de Anton — the home of motmots, tanagers, hummingbirds, antpittas and the mythical Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo!  We enjoy all accommodations at the award-winning Canopy Lodge, with exciting bird-filled trips to Altos del Maria (full day), La Mesa, Cerro Gaital Natural Monument, Cara Iguana, Rio Indio, Las Minas, Jordanal, a day trip to the scrub of El Chiru, the beaches of Juan Hombron and Santa Clara — all designed to find as many of the area's specialties as possible!

The Birds of Canopy Camp Darien

Gray-cheeked Nunlet Canopy Camp Darien

7 Night Package: High Season: $3,180  —  Green Season: $2,125

**add 3 nights at Canopy Tower or Canopy Lodge for only $1,049 (High) or $739 (Green) 

***Packages normally begin on Sundays

This exciting 7-night tour ventures into the lowlands of Panama’s least-explored and most bio-diverse region – Darién!  This tour features the new tented eco-lodge – the Canopy Camp – as a base to visit the best birding locations in the far eastern reaches of Panama.  The grounds of the Canopy Camp alone offers trails through the lowland forest where encounters with Gray-cheeked Nunlets, Dusky-backed Jacamars, Golden-headed Manakins and Royal Flycatchers are frequent.  Furthermore, exciting day trips to El Salto Road, Filo del Tallo Hydrological Reserve, Tierra Nueva Foundation, to the end of the road at Yaviza and along the Río Chucunaque by boat to visit a local Embera village.  You are sure to have the birding adventure of a lifetime!

The Birds of Central Panama

Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo Canopy Tower

14 Night Package: High Season: $5,359  —  Green Season: $3,359

Our signature, comprehensive 14-night tour fully explores the best birding spots of Central Panama, with excursions to the lowland tropical forests of the Canal Zone, including Pipeline Road, Panama Rainforest Discovery Center and Metro Park, to the foothill forests of Cerro Azul/Cerro Jefe, the cloud forests of El Valle de Anton & Altos del Maria, Cerro Gaital Natural Monument and the scrub & rice fields of El Chiru and Juan Hombron. This is a dream itinerary for any serious birder. We’ll enjoy 7 nights lodging in the world-famous Canopy Tower and 7 nights at the charming Canopy Lodge.

The Birds of Central Panama & Darién Lowlands

Spot-crowned Barbet Canopy Tower

20 Night Package: High Season: $7,349  —  Green Season: $4,619

Experience the lowlands of central Panama, the foothills of western Panama, then to the remote stretches of eastern Panama, the land where Harpy Eagles and 4 species of macaws call home.  This 20-night, comprehensive birding package focuses on the incredible avian diversity of Panama.  Combining the exceptional birding at our signature lodges in central Panama, this tour also includes birding in the lowlands of Darien, where we search for many regional specialties found nowhere else in Panama.  From sunrise on the observation deck of the Canopy Tower, to walking through lush foothills cloud forest at the Canopy Lodge, and the beautiful sunset in eastern Panama at the Canopy Camp, the Birds of the Canopy Family tour combines the best we have to offer for birding in Panama.

Birds & History

Panama Viejo

7 Night Package: High Season: $3,049  —  Green Season: $1,999

This is the tour for birders who love history and for history buffs who love birding! Panama is a country rich in both, and the Canopy Tower is the ideal base of operations!  Panamá City was the first city founded by Spaniards on the Pacific shore of the New World; site of the first transcontinental railroad an home of the Panama Canal, 8th Wonder of the World — all amidst 970+ species of birds and home to an annual raptor migration second to none in the world!  Enjoy seven fun-filled days with tales of legends, pirates, visionaries, conquistadors and with the most beautiful birds you can imagine — many right outside your bedroom window!

Tamarin Tour: Mammal & Birding Adventure

Mantled Howler Canopy Tower

9 Night Package: High Season: $3,989  —  Green Season: $2,519

An exciting 9-night tour specializing in mammals, but with birds, reptiles, amphibians and more!  Enjoy 7-nights lodging at the historic and world-famous Canopy Tower, with tours around the Canopy Tower and Semaphore Hill, Pipeline Road, Barro Colorado Island, a boat trip to Gatun Lake, Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, Metropolitan Nature Park, Fort San Lorenzo on the Caribbean coast.  Also enjoy 2-nights at the award-winning Canopy Lodge, where we explore El Valle's foothills for its amazing mammals and birds.  From the diminutive Geoffroy's Tamarin to the boisterous Mantled Howler, the incredible Hoffmann's Two-toed & Brown-throated Three-toed Sloths to tongue-slurping Orange Nectar Bats, the Tamarin Tour will give you a great sampling of Panama's incredible diversity of mammals and many other interesting creatures!

Panama's Hawk Migration Spectacular!

Panama Hawk Migration Rafael Lau

7 Night Package: $1,999
October 18-25, 2019; October 28 - November 4, 2019

Join us for a unique birding adventure to witness one of the world's greatest avian migration events when hundreds of thousands of raptors funnel through the narrow isthmus of Panama toward their wintering grounds in South America!  This amazing migration spectacle will be the centerpiece of this 7-night tour -- and the Observation Deck of the Canopy Tower is the perfect vantage point to witness this migration bonanza!  This tour is designed not only for you to personally experience the mind-boggling number of migrating hawks, but also to see an incredible country rich in biodiversity for not only birds, but also for mammals, beautiful plants, butterflies, insects, reptiles & amphibians -- and friendly people!

Canopy Family Special Tours

In addition to our regular birding and nature tour packages available throughout the year, we offer various special, fixed-date Panama tour packages. These birding and natural history tours may feature guest scientists and speakers, special evening presentations, experts in the field or are featured from some of our tour operators.  Depending on your interests, some of these exciting tours may be for you! 


Our all-inclusive birding /nature packages include the following:

Lodging in double occupancy, all meals, airport transfers, bilingual professional guides, all tours mentioned in the itinerary, natural fruit juices, sodas, wine at dinner time, WIFI, entrance fees to national parks as mentioned in the itinerary, snacks and beverages during all outings.  Please check with our reservations office for the times of our scheduled airport transfers to coordinate your arrival and departure times.

Not included in the package price:

Taxes, tips, departure tax, alcoholic beverages, private airport transfers, laundry, long distance calls.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our packages do not have set departure dates.  Packages begin on the day of your arrival, order of itinerary may vary.

Customized packages for more/less days and combination packages (Tower, Lodge, Camp) can also be arranged.  Contact us for details.


Rewards for Returning Guests

If you are a returning guest, we'll be happy to give you a 5% discount.  Please contact us.

When you come to the Canopy Tower or the Canopy Lodge, you have a choice of buying an all-inclusive birding / nature package or booking just the room and meals.

For the rates for just room and meals for the Canopy Tower click here

And for the rates for just room and meals for the Canopy Lodge click here.


The order of the itineraries may change depending on weather and other conditions.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Birding is done in groups of 8 birders maximum per guide. If you'd like a private guide, the cost is $225 per day.

If you would like to purchase a package shorter than the full 7-day itinerary, please be aware that the tours you receive will depend on the day you join a full itinerary tour that may be in progress at the Canopy Tower/Canopy Lodge.  Upon arrival please inform your guide or manager if you want to request a specific tour; we will make every effort to accommodate you, depending on guide availability.  Please contact us

If you would like to split a 7 night package between the Canopy Tower and the Canopy lodge, please contact us.

***Please contact us for "Last Minute Deals"***

Occasionally we offer special deals for bookings made on short notice.  Please contact us to see if there are any "Last Minute Deals" at the time of your booking.

Upgrade to Suites

Please add $210 to any package if you'd like to stay in a suite in the Canopy Tower or a corner room in the Canopy Lodge.  Please contact us for upgrades on shorter than 7 day packages.

Staying in a Single Room

Please contact us for rates if you would like to stay in a single room. Single rooms in the Canopy Tower share bathrooms.  Single rooms in the Canopy Lodge have private bathrooms.

Single person supplement:
(one person staying in one double room)

In the High Season, the single supplement is $165 per day.
In the Green Season, the single supplement is $50 per day.

Group Rates

Please contact us for Group Rates

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