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We see all sorts of Panamanian animals on our nature tours. Browse these species accounts to learn more about Panama's incredible rainforest wildlife!

Black-crowned Antpitta Panama
Black-crowned Antpitta



Rufescent Tiger-Heron
Capped Heron
Semiplumbeous Hawk
White Hawk
Crested Eagle
Harpy Eagle
White-throated Crake
Pheasant Cuckoo
Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo
Black-and-white Owl
Great Potoo
Long-billed Hermit
Black-throated Mango
Slaty-tailed Trogon
Dusky-backed Jacamar
Rufous Motmot
Barred Puffbird
Black-breasted Puffbird
White-whiskered Puffbird
Yellow-eared Toucanet
Spectacled Parrotlet
Red-lored Parrot
Northern Barred-Woodcreeper
Black-crowned Antshrike
Dot-winged Antwren
Ocellated Antbird
Streak-chested Antpitta
Royal Flycatcher
Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher
Tufted Flycatcher
Blue Cotinga
Golden-headed Manakin
Green Shrike-Vireo
Bay Wren
Flame-rumped Tanager
White-shouldered Tanager
Blue Dacnis
Shining Honeycreeper 
White-eared Conebill 
Yellow-rumped Cacique


Central American Woolly Opossum
Robinson's Mouse Opossum
Northern Tamandua
Silky Anteater
Geoffroy's Tamarin
Panamanian Night Monkey
White-faced Capuchin
Rufous Tree Rat
Variegated Squirrel
Lesser Capybara
Neotropical River Otter


Panamanian Golden Frog
Smoky Jungle Frog
Fleischmann's Glass Frog
Red-eyed Tree Frog
Rosenberg's Gladiator Tree Frog
Veined Tree Frog
Black Ctenosaur
Helmeted Basilisk
Canopy Lizard
Coral Scorpion Lizard
Turnip-tailed Gecko


Regal Hairstreak
Great Eurybia
Banded Peacock
Red Cracker
Orion Cecropian
Dirce Beauty
Glossy Daggerwing
Rusted Clearwing-Satyr
Banded Owl-Butterfly
Rothschild's Giant Silkmoth
Giant Butterfly-Moth
Blue-winged Helicopter Damselfly
Harlequin Beetle 
Giant Ceiba Borer


Prestonia portobellensis
Prestonia trifida

Crimson Passion Flower (Passiflora vitifolia)
Stinking Passion Flower (Passiflora foetida)
Salamo (Calycophyllum candidissimum)
Achiote (Bixa orellana)
Guayacan Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia guayacan)
Guacimo Colorado (Leuhea seemannii)
Gumbo Limbo Tree (Bursera simaruba) 
Jacaranda (Jacaranda copaia)
Matapalo / Strangler Fig (Ficus spp.)
White-top Sedge (Rhynchospora nervosa)
Lady of the Night Orchid (Brassavola nodosa)
Wallis' Orchid (Epidendrum wallisii)
Spanish Flag Orchid (Epidendrum radicans)
Vanilla Orchid (Vanilla spp.)
Sobralia citrea

Mule's Ear Miconia (Miconia impetiolaris)
Panama Hat Plant (Carludovica palmata)
Hot Lips (Psychotria poeppigiana)
Bijao (Calathea latifolia)
Wild Cashew (Anacardium excelsum)
Machete (Erythrina costaricensis)
Jungle Cucumber (Gurania tubulosa)
Palo Santo (Triplaris cumingiana)
Columnea billbergiana
Expanded Lobster Claw (Heliconia latispatha)
Cabbage Bark (Andira inermis) 
Rough Ginger (Costus scaber)
Firebush (Hamelia patens) 
Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica)
Shingle Plant (Monstera dubia) 
Star-of-Bethlehem (Hippobroma longiflora) 
Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica)
Aechmea setigera


Check back regularly as our species database of Panama's fascinating flora and fauna continues to grow!

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