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In addition to our bird-watching vacations and nature packages that are available year-round at any time, here are some special, set-date Panama adventure tours featured at our lodges. These birding and natural history tours may feature guest scientists and speakers, special evening presentations, experts in the field or are featured from some of our tour operators. Click on the programs below for detailed itineraries, dates and prices on these exclusive Panama birding and wildlife tours. Please contact us for more information or to book any of these exciting Panama Adventure Tours!

Fox-faced Lemmark at the Canopy Lodge
Fox-faced Lemmark (Thisbe lycorias), with the Canopy Lodge in the background, photo by Jenn Sinasac



The Birds & Nature of Panama and Trinidad

White-bearded Manakin Trinidad

June to September

Experience the amazing birding and nature of two World Famous birding eco-lodges in two different countries, the Canopy Tower in Panama and Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad.  This tour includes birding from the observation deck at the Canopy Tower and overlooking feeders and vast forest from the verandah at Asa Wright Nature Centre, birding the World Famous Pipeline Road in Soberania National Park, Panama and visiting the enigmatic Oilbirds, breathtaking views of thousands of Scarlet Ibis preparing to roost and seeking out Bearded Bellbirds by following their loud “bonk” in Trinidad.  It will surely be a Neotropical birding and nature experience of a lifetime!

Panama's Brilliant Butterflies

Bluish White

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Butterflies are some of nature’s most eye-catching creatures, considered by many throughout history as signs of joy and love. In the neotropical region of the Americas, the diversity of butterflies is incredibly high; an estimated 1,800 species can be found in Panama alone.  Our Canopy Family Butterfly list has nearly 1,000 species! Butterflies are active year round; however, they rely heavily on their host plants, and their activity can be quite seasonal, with more flight and visibility in the wetter months (April to December) of the year. Come join the expert Canopy Family butterfly guide(s) as we explore the lowlands of the Canal Area and the mist-laden foothills of central Panama in search of butterflies!

Butterflies of Canopy Camp Darien

Erostratus Metalmark Jenn Sinasac Panama

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Darién is a land of new discoveries; this area is truly revered for its vast untouched rainforest and its close connection to South America ensures us that there is still much to be discovered here, butterflies included! Long renowned as a birding mecca, Darién is fast becoming known for all its flora and fauna. Butterflies adorn all habitats and there is so much to explore! During this 5-night tour, we seek out some of Darién’s most intriguing butterflies, found nowhere else in Central America! Based at the Canopy Camp, we enjoy daily excursions to some of the best butterflying sites in the area! There is plenty here to keep our eyes, binoculars and cameras busy! Come join the expert Canopy Family butterfly guides as we explore the lowlands of Panama's fabled Darién Province. This butterfly tour offers a great sense of adventure and exploration, as well as many beautiful Panama butterflies! 

Herpetology at the Isthmus

Eyelash Pit-Viper El Valle Panama

June 11-19, 2019

Of all the animals to encounter in a tropical rainforest, amphibians and reptiles are often a favorite find.  From showy lizards to leaf-like frogs, shy turtles to pencil-thin snakes, this group of animals fascinates many.  In the lowlands and foothills of Central Panama, dozens of species of frogs, lizards, snakes and other herpetofauna exhibit a dazzling array of life-history traits as they adapt to a wide variety of habitats.  Many species are most active at night, when the forest becomes alive with the calls of frogs, toads and other nocturnal creatures.  Join Canopy Family naturalist guides and herpetologist Dr. Stephen Mullin at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge for this exciting tour focused on these vertebrates and their amazing natural histories!

Panama's Incredible Flora

Bletia purpurea Wildflower Panama

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In this 7-night all-inclusive botanical adventure, we take field trips to biodiverse Pipeline Road and to the foothills of Cerro Jefe (home to many endemics), Cerro Gaital Natural Monument, the heights of Altos del Maria & other locations of botanical interest, where you will enjoy (and learn!) a good sampling of this country’s spectacular and unique flora, some 10,000 species strong! Not only enjoy excellent opportunities to photograph stunningly beautiful—and some, extremely rare or endemic—orchids, gesners, ericads, melastomes, heliconias, gingers, begonias, bromeliads and many more fascinating groups of plants, but also see a host of Panama’s colorful birds, including parrots, trogons, motmots, tanagers & hummingbirds along with the mammals and insects (especially butterflies!) associated with these unique plants—all within a framework of learning some of their complex ecological relationships.

Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity

Malachite Butterfly Panama

October 14-22, 2019

Tropical environments are extremely diverse in comparison to their temperate counterparts. In Panama, we sit within close distance of distinct biomes and ecosystems, teeming with plant and animal life. Join guest scientists Dr. Howard Topoff and Dr. Carol Simon, formerly of the American Museum of Natural History and City University of New York, as they bring their expertise on tropical environments and biodiversity to us! As an introduction to tropical biodiversity, we will spend our days exploring the forests of Panama in search of birds, mammals, frogs, insects and fascinating trees and plants; in the evenings, enjoy informative and entertaining presentations from our guest scientists on a wide range of topics dealing with tropical biodiversity.

Panama's Hawk Migration Spectacular!

Broad-winged Hawk

October 18-25, 2018; October 28 - November 4, 2018
October 18-25, 2019; October 28 - November 4, 2019

Join us for a unique birding adventure to witness one of the world's greatest avian migration events when hundreds of thousands of raptors funnel through the narrow isthmus of Panama toward their wintering grounds in South America!  This amazing migration spectacle will be the centerpiece of this 10-night tour -- and the Observation Deck of the Canopy Tower is the perfect vantage point to witness this migration bonanza!  We will enjoy 7 nights lodging at the world-famous Canopy Tower and 3 nights at the Canopy Lodge. These Panama adventure tours are designed not only for you to personally experience the mind-boggling number of migrating hawks, but also to see an incredible country rich in biodiversity for not only birds, but also for mammals, beautiful plants, butterflies, insects, reptiles & amphibians -- and friendly people!

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