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Featured Photos from September 2013 Newsletter

Gartered Trogon
Male Gartered Trogon, photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Gartered Trogon
Female Gartered Trogon, photo by Dave Batzler
Palicourea guianensis
Recaito (Palicourea guianensis), photo by Jerry Harrison
Yellow-edged Giant Owl Butterfly
Yellow-edged Giant Owl Butterfly, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Black Hawk-Eagle
Black Hawk-Eagle released from the Canopy Tower, photo by Michael Castro
Canopy Camp Darien
Canopy Camp Darien
James Currie at the Canopy B&B
James Currie, host of Nikon's Birding Adventures TV, at the Canopy B&B in Gamboa
Victor Emanuel at Bio-Museo
Victor Emanuel, Raul & Denise during the "hard-hat tour" of Panama's new Bio-Museo, scheduled to open in 2014
Red-eyed Treefrog
Red-eyed Treefrog, photo by Jenn Sinasac

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