We see a great diversity of Panama’s birds and animals on our nature tours.

Browse these species accounts to learn more about Panama’s incredible rainforest wildlife!

Achiote Plant

Aechmea setigera

Banded Owl-Butterfly

Banded Peacock

Barred Puffbird

Bay Wren

Black Ctenosaur

Black-and-White Owl

Black-breasted Puffbird

Black-crowned Antshrike

Black-Throated Mango

Blue Cotinga

Blue Dacnis

Blue-winged Helicopter Damselfly

Cabbage Bark

Calathea Latifolia

Canopy Lizard

Capped Heron

Central American Woolly Opossum

Columnea billbergiana

Common Tent-making Bat

Coral Scorpion Lizard

Crested Eagle

Crimson Passion Flower


Dirce Beauty

Dot-winged Antwren

Dusky-backed Jacamar

Expanded Lobster Claw


Flame-rumped Tanager

Fleischmann’s Glass Frog

Geoffroy’s Tamarin

Giant Butterfly-Moth

Giant Ceiba Borer

Glossy Daggerwing

Golden-Headed Manakin

Great Eurybia

Great Potoo

Green Shrike-Vireo

Guacimo Colorado

Guayacan Trumpet Tree

Gumbo Limbo Tree

Harlequin Beetle

Harpy Eagle | Panama’s National Bird

Helmeted Basilisk

Hot Lips


Jungle Cucumber


Lady of the Night Orchid

Lesser Capybara

Long-billed Hermit



Mottled Owl

Mule’s Ear Miconia

Neotropical River Otter

Northern Barred-Woodcreeper

Northern Emerald-Toucanet

Northern Tamandua

Ocellated Antbird

Orion Cecropian

Palo Santo

Panama Hat Plant

Panamanian Golden Frog

Panamanian Night Monkey

Pheasant Cuckoo

Prestonia portobellensis

Prestonia trifida

Red Cracker

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-lored Parrot

Regal Hairstreak

Robinson’s Mouse Opossum

Rosenberg’s Gladiator Tree Frog

Rothschild’s Giant Silkmoth

Rough Ginger

Royal Flycatcher

Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher

Rufescent Tiger-Heron

Rufous Motmot

Rufous Tree Rat

Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo

Rush-like Flatsedge

Rusted Clearwing-Satyr



Scaly Tree Ferns

Semiplumbeous Hawk

Sensitive Plant

Shingle Plant

Shining Honeycreeper

Silky Anteater

Silver-throated Tanager

Slaty-tailed Trogon

Smoky Jungle Frog

Sobralia citrea

Spanish Flag Orchid

Spectacled Parrotlet


Starry Cracker

Stinking Passion Flower

Streak-Chested Antpitta

Tropical Milkweed

Tufted Flycatcher

Tungara Frog

Turnip-tailed Gecko

Vanilla Orchid

Variegated Squirrel

Veined Tree Frog

Wallis’ Orchid

White Hawk

White-eared Conebill

White-Faced Capuchin

White-shouldered Tanager

White-throated Crake

White-top Sedge

White-whiskered Puffbird

Wild Cashew

Yellow Dancing Lady Orchid

Yellow-eared Toucanet

Yellow-headed Gecko

Yellow-rumped Cacique

Yellow-tailed Oriole