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Pheasant Cuckoo
Pheasant Cuckoo on Plantation Road, photo by Carlos Bethancourt

A new bird for Panama: WHITE-FACED IBIS!

A WHITE-FACED IBIS was spotted in Gamboa yesterday afternoon, a first record for Panama!

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February 12 2016 Canopy Family

2nd HARPY EAGLE sighting of 2016

An adult Harpy Eagle spotted at El Salto Road, near the Canopy Camp!

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February 11 2016 Canopy Family

Rare DWARF CUCKOO spotted near Canopy Camp Darien!

A rare DWARF CUCKOO was seen yesterday near the Canopy Camp!

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January 07 2016 Canopy Family

Dwarf Cuckoo sighting near Canopy Camp

A Dwarf Cuckoo sighting in Yaviza!

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February 02 2016 Canopy Family

HARPY EAGLE sighting to kick off 2016!

A HARPY EAGLE spotted at San Francisco Reserve yesterday by Nando Quiroz, John Rowlett and Field Guides group!

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January 11 2016 Canopy Family

CRESTED EAGLE seen at the Canopy Camp!

A rare CRESTED EAGLE has been sighted at the Canopy Camp in Darien.

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December 15 2015 Canopy Family


A HARPY EAGLE was seen by Oriole Birding group during their trip to Darien National Park!

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December 13 2015 Canopy Family

HARPY EAGLE near the Canopy Camp!

A HARPY EAGLE was spotted on El Salto Road last week!

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November 30 2015 Canopy Family

Around the Canopy Tower with Oriole Birding!

Great start for the Oriole Birding group at the Canopy Tower - Sunbittern, White-throated Crake, Cinnamon Woodpecker and much more...

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November 30 2015 Canopy Family

Rare Bird Alert! KELP GULL at Santa Clara

A rare KELP GULL was spotted by Danilo at Santa Clara beach during a full day birding trip to the pacific lowlands.

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November 18 2015

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