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Pheasant Cuckoo
Pheasant Cuckoo on Plantation Road, photo by Carlos Bethancourt

Rose-throated Becard at the Canopy Lodge!

A new species for our Canopy Family checklist this month: Rose-throated Becard!

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November 30 2018 Canopy Family

Migrating raptors streaming over Canopy Tower

Hawk migration is underway and we are enjoying the spectacle at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Camp.

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October 04 2018 Canopy Family

Great Jacamar at the Canopy Tower!

A stunning Great Jacamar has been showing off around the Canopy Tower.

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October 01 2018 Canopy Family

Crested Eagle along Rio Turquesa in Darien!

Naturetrek guests score fantastic views of Crested Eagle during a week at the Canopy Camp.

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September 28 2018 Canopy Family

Black-crowned Antpitta at the Canopy Adventure!

An intriguing BLACK-CROWNED ANTPITTA has been hanging out at the Canopy Adventure recently.

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August 08 2018

Lifers for our guides!

A BARE-NECKED UMBRELLABIRD was found by our team of guides at El Cope National Park during annual guide reunion!

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August 05 2018 Canopy Family

Black-billed Flycatcher sighting in Darien!

Rarely seen, a Black-billed Flycatcher was spotted and seen well yesterday during a full day Harpy Eagle excursion deep in Darien.

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June 28 2018 Canopy Family

Blue Seedeater sighting near the Canopy Lodge!

A rare Blue Seedeater was seen on a recent afternoon of birding near the Canopy Lodge.

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June 18 2018 Canopy Family

Macaw sightings at Canopy Camp Darien!

Two species of macaws seen at the same time at Canopy Camp Darien today!

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May 28 2018 Canopy Family

Brown Violetear spotted at Canopy Camp Darien

A Brown Violetear was seen feeding at the verbenas at the Canopy Camp yesterday!

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May 28 2018 Canopy Family

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