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Pheasant Cuckoo
Pheasant Cuckoo on Plantation Road, photo by Carlos Bethancourt

Elusive Speckled Antshrike sighting!

A Speckled Antshrike, also known as Spiny-faced Antshrike (Xenornis setifrons) was spotted along a stream last week by Canopy Camp bird guide Moyo Rodriguez!

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October 22 2014 Canopy Family

Canopy Tower Birding - CRESTED OWL on Semaphore Hill Road!

Dozens and dozens of birds (and mammals) seen at the Canopy Tower and Semaphore Hill Road this morning, a great report!

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October 05 2014 Canopy Family

Montezuma Oropendola spotted near El Valle

A nice sighting of a Montezuma Oropendola was one of the highlights of yesterday's birding trip to the Pacific lowlands.

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September 30 2014 Canopy Family

Crimson-bellied Woodpecker and Barn Owl near El Valle

A rare Crimson-bellied Woodpecker spotted at Altos del Maria, and a good look at a Barn Owl roosting at La Mesa.

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September 29 2014 Canopy Family

Pipeline Road full day report

A wonderful day on Pipeline Road and surrounding areas left our guests happy with many new birds to add to their lists.

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September 27 2014 Canopy Family

HARPY EAGLE spotted at the Canopy Tower

An adult female Harpy Eagle perched just meters from the Canopy Tower yesterday morning!

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September 25 2014 Canopy Family

Pipeline Road Birding!

Great Tinamou, Semiplumbeous Hawk, Black-striped Woodcreeper and others rounded out a great morning of birding at Pipeline Road!

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September 15 2014 Canopy Family

Rare Bird Alert! ORANGE-BREASTED FALCON at Cerro Azul

Orange-breasted Falcon, along with a cast of other great birds, spotted in Cerro Azul!

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September 09 2014 Canopy Family

Scouting for Sapayoa

A rewarding search for Sapayoa and other great birds, including a lively mixed flock of Rufous-winged, Emerald and Tawny-crested tanagers! Read more for the full report.

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September 03 2014 Canopy Family

Cerro Azul Birding

Great birding at Cerro Azul: Violet-capped Hummingbird, Speckled Tanager, great looks at the endemic Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker and much more. Read more for the full report!

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August 30 2014 Jenn Sinasac

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