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Pheasant Cuckoo
Pheasant Cuckoo on Plantation Road, photo by Carlos Bethancourt

Cloud forest birding at Altos del Maria

A lovely day with great birds at Altos del Maria.

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April 17 2018 Canopy Family

LATTICE-TAILED TROGON and other highland species!

A rare LATTICE-TAILED TROGON and other fantastic foothills and highland species made for an excellent day of birding at El Cope!

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April 06 2018 Canopy Family

Bamboo specialist: Slate-colored Seedeater

A Slate-colored Seedeater shows up at Summit Gardens!

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April 01 2018 Canopy Family

Rufous Nightjar returns!

The Rufous Nightjar has returned to nest near the Canopy Tower.

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March 30 2018 Canopy Family

A first for Canopy Family: GRAY-BELLIED HAWK

A juvenile Gray-bellied Hawk, a South American accipiter, was seen in Darien yesterday.

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February 28 2018 Canopy Family

HARPY EAGLE chasing a parrot in Cerro Azul!

A nice surprise this morning while birding in Cerro Azul: Harpy Eagle!

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February 27 2018 Canopy Family

HARPY EAGLE sighting in Aligandi (Darien)

Bird of the day! An adult Harpy Eagle perched in great view for our Naturetrek birding tour guests!

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September 29 2017 Canopy Family

Pipeline Road sightings in September

It's been a great month of birding around the Canopy Tower! Pipeline Road never disappoints.

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September 28 2017 Canopy

Rare mammal sighting: Crab-eating Fox!!

A rare Crab-eating Fox was spotted sunning itself along the road at San Francisco Reserve.

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August 14 2017 Canopy Family

Altos del Maria specialties and a RUFOUS-VENTED GROUND-CUCKOO!

A visit to Altos del Maria, the highest point around the Canopy Lodge, is always full of great surprises.

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July 25 2017 Canopy Family

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