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Pheasant Cuckoo
Pheasant Cuckoo on Plantation Road, photo by Carlos Bethancourt

Migrants returning to Panama!

Early migrants are already arriving at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge!

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August 29 2015 Canopy Family


Another Solitary Eagle has been spotted at Quebrada Felix, near the Canopy Camp!

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August 23 2015

A fantastic morning at Nuevo Vigia, Darien

One great bird right after the other during a morning at Nuevo Vigia Embera Village!

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August 14 2015 Canopy Family


A rare GRAY-CAPPED CUCKOO spotted near the Canopy Camp!

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August 09 2015 Canopy Family

Darien Bird Sightings!

Rufous Piha and other great birds at Quebrada Felix yesterday!

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June 23 2015 Canopy Family

Mammals and birds from the Canopy Lodge

Mammals and birds: Western Pygmy Squirrel, Crested Owls, Sunbittern...

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May 31 2015 Canopy Family

SOLITARY EAGLE, Black-crowned Antpitta and more at Quebrada Felix!

A fantastic morning at Quebrada Felix in Darien - Solitary Eagle, White-fronted Nunbird, Fasciated Tiger-Heron and much more!

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May 29 2015 Canopy Family

RARE BIRD SIGHTING! JABIRU over the Canopy Tower!

A JABIRU just flew over the Canopy Tower!

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May 02 2015 Canopy Family

RARE BIRD SIGHTING! Thicket Antpitta!

A very rare Thicket Antpitta was seen at Nusagandi!

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May 01 2015 Canopy Family

Aruza Lagoons birding highlights, Darien

Roseate Spoonbill a highlight among many others at the Aruza Lagoons last week!

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April 27 2015 Canopy Family

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