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Pheasant Cuckoo
Pheasant Cuckoo on Plantation Road, photo by Carlos Bethancourt

Pipeline Road bonanza!

A fantastic morning on Pipeline Road turned up some great birds and nice surprises!

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March 22 2017 Canopy Family

RARE BIRD: Large-billed Tern in Gamboa

A beautiful, Large-billed Tern is delighting birders in Gamboa

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March 22 2017 Canopy Family

EAGLE WEEK: Another Harpy Eagle sighting!

What a week for Panama's incredible eagles! This time, a male HARPY EAGLE was spotted at San Francisco Reserve with Matt Hysell's tour at the Canopy Camp.

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February 10 2017 Canopy Family


A great week for sightings of Panama's mega-eagles!

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February 08 2017 Canopy Family

Mega sighting: SWALLOW TANAGER at Rio Indio!

A mega bird for Panama: a Swallow Tanager was spotted and photographed by Canopy Lodge guide Eliecer Rodriguez and two lucky Canopy Lodge guests during a day trip to Rio Indio.

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February 13 2017 Canopy Family

Great Green Macaws roadside in Darien

Yesterday's highlight in Darien: a small group of endangered Great Green Macaws in close view!

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December 23 2016 Canopy Family

Canopy Tower Night Drive

Last night's night drive along Semaphore Hill Road turned up some nice mammals!

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December 21 2016 Canopy Family

Butterflies galore!

The first day of our December butterfly tour this year tallied over 90 species of these beautiful insects!

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December 06 2016 Canopy Family

Spot-breasted Woodpecker found in Gamboa!

A Spot-breasted Woodpecker seen at the Ammo Ponds in Gamboa!

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November 28 2016 Canopy Family

Harpy Eagles in Darien

A young Harpy Eagle pokes its head out of a massive nest in Darien!

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November 15 2016 Canopy Family

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