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Domiciano “Domi” Alveo

Domiciano Alveo Canopy Family Panama

A native of El Valle, Domi began working at the Canopy Adventure while still in high school.

After graduation and a degree in plumbing, he moved to Panama City where he worked construction and later returned home to El Valle in 2003, once again working at the Canopy Adventure. Showing a particular interest in birds, Danilo assigned him to search the surrounding forest for the Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo when guests were at the Canopy Lodge. He spent many days in the forest where his appreciation for birds and nature grew. Domi’s hard searching paid off, and he indeed saw the Ground-Cuckoo several times. He found his calling and asked to begin bird guide training. After much study and practice on his own, Domi started assisting the experienced guides on their trips. In 2008, Domi earned the position as bird guide and transferred to the Canopy Tower where he now enjoys guiding. Domi traveled internationally in 2011 and attended the UK Bird Fair. In 2014, Domi began guiding at the Canopy Camp and is one of our primary guides in Darien. Both Domi’s knowledge of birds and his eagerness to learn have made him an excellent guide.

Domiciano Alveo Canopy Family Panama

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