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Featured Photos from October 2014 Newsletter

Tody Motmot by Doug Weschler
Tody Motmot, photo by Doug Weschler
Gustavia superba
Membrillo (Gustavia superba), photo by Jenn Sinasac
Membrillo flower by Mary Ann Good
Membrillo flower, photo by Mary Ann Good
Red-webbed Tree Frog
Red-webbed Tree Frog, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Canopy Camp Birdmobile
"El Arpia", Canopy Camp's rugged 4x4 birdmobile
Harpy Eagle release Panama
"LV" being released into Soberania National Park in 2009, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Harpy Eagle Panama
"LV" the Harpy Eagle seen at the Canopy Tower on September 24, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Violet-bellied Hummingbird by Stephanie Ripma
Violet-bellied Hummingbird, photo by Stephanie Ripma
Leica 7x42 Ultravid
Athena the wandering Leica 7x42 Ultravid at the Canopy Tower, photo by Jeff Bouton
Canopy Tower Observation Deck
Happy birders enjoying a sunny morning on the observation deck at the Canopy Tower
Canopy Tower Single Room
Canopy Tower Single Room, photo by Alex Alba

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