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The Observation Deck

Young Kinkajou



The Observation Deck, 50 feet above the ground, gives guests a grand view of the canopy and beyond. Many of the best photographs are taken from the Observation deck. In the morning, ardent bird watchers and nature lovers assemble here for coffee and crackers while enjoying the abundant action in the treetops just below. This a bird watching experience unlike anything else.


"When I was building the Canopy Tower there were moments of doubts about the eventual success of the enterprise, when those moments appeared I'd go up to the Observation Deck and feel the wind, hear the howlers, see the birds and my fears would vanish".

Raul Arias de Para

Observation Deck Sunset by Daniel Arias B.
Observation Deck Sunset by Daniel Arias B.

“Even though I had seen Jeff Gordon's videotape and heard glowing reports about Panama's Canopy Tower, I was not prepared for the moment when I climbed the steps from the dining room that first night and emerged onto the roof of this remodeled radar station. I felt as if I were coming up from the confines of a ship. Instead of an expanse of ocean, what stretched away in the darkness was tropical rainforest. The tops of 100-foot-high forest trees reached just to our height.”

Victor Emanuel

Observation Deck by David Tipling
Observation Deck by David Tipling

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