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Featured Photos from November 2014 Newsletter

Rosy Thrush-Tanager Greg & Yvonne Dean
Rosy Thrush-Tanager, photo by Greg & Yvonne Dean (
Sobralia citrea by Jerry Harrison
Sobralia citrea (orchid), photo by Jerry Harrison
Common Blue Morpho by Helge Rognaas
Common Blue Morpho, photo by Helge Rognaas
El Tinamu rainfomobile
Our rainfomobile "El Tinamu", now retired after 14 great years!
New Canopy Family rainfomobile
Naturetrek group ready to go on birding the new birdmobile, "Tinamu II"
RGVBF 2014
Carlos & Evelyn Bethancourt with Leica's Terry Moore at the 2014 Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival
Canopy Family Tropical Biodiversity Tour 2014
Canopy Family Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity Tour 2014, photo by Tino Sanchez
Green Honeycreeper by Josh Haas
Male Green Honeycreeper, photo by Josh Haas
Green Honeycreeper by Kim Nagy
Female Green Honeycreeper, photo by Kim Nagy
VENT group Canopy Lodge
VENT group at the Canopy Lodge, photo by Tino Sanchez

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