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Featured Photos from November 2013 Newsletter

Golden-hooded Tanager
Golden-hooded Tanager, photo by David Tipling
Machete Plant
Machete Plant (Erythrina costaricensis), photo by Jenn Sinasac
Central American Whiptail
Central American Whiptail, photo by Linda Harrison
Victor Emanuel Birthday
Dinner on the terrace, Victor's birthday party, photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Victor Emanuel Birthday
Dancing at the Canopy Tower to celebrate Victor's birthday, photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Victor Emanuel Birthday
Victor and the dancers, photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Audubon Naturalist Society Pipeline Road
Neil Fitzpatrick and the Audubon Naturalist Society group having fun along Pipeline Road in October, during their stay at the Canopy Tower.
Naturetrek Canopy Lodge
Naturetrek Tour having a great time at the Canopy Lodge in November
Pink-tipped Satyr
Pink-tipped Satyr (Cithaerias pireta), photo by Howard Topoff

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