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Birding from the Observation Deck of the Canopy Tower by Kike Calvo
Birding from the Observation Deck of the Canopy Tower by Kike Calvo

The Canopy Tower ushers in a new era in tropical ecotourism - comfort and wildlife at your doorstep. This was my first trip to Panamá in many years, and a rare experience indeed to dine and relax amidst the tropical forest canopy. Standing atop the tower in predawn darkness and listening to the first stirrings of the forest -- the lament of a forest-falcon, the melancholy whistle of a tinamou, the rumblings of howler monkeys -- is powerful magic for the psychic. My congratulations to Raúl and all who have worked to make this venture a success. I hope that it proves a model for other tropical lodges worldwide.

Steve Hilty, author of A Guide to the Birds of Colombia, The Birds of Venezuela, VENT

you are a man of great vision and persistence. The Canopy Tower is unique in the World and splendid in both its conception and its execution. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology may well break its rules of not "repeating" and return to your wonderful Tower and gracious hospitality.

Ned and Linda Morgens, Chairman, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

This has been one of the great ecotourist experiences of our lives. You have managed to provide a luxurious living and dining experience with superb birding and, perhaps most important of all, a wonderful lesson in conservation. A few days at Canopy Tower will install an environmental ethic in all who pass through. Well done and all good wishes.

Katie and Donal O'Brien, Chairman, National Audubon Society

This is an amazing place -- friendly, excellent service, comfortable accommodations, exquisite food and incredible birding -- this has been a truly memorable week.

Thank you for the experience.

I will be back soon.

Dick Payne, President, American Birding Association

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