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Featured Photos from July 2015 Newsletter

Plain Xenops Cedric Ng
Plain Xenops, photo by Cedric Ng
Warszewiczia coccinea Jerry Linda Harrison
Warszewiczia coccinea, photo by Jerry & Linda Harrison
Tungara Frog
Tungara Frog, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Birders' Exchange in Panama
Anibal Rodriguez proudly holds his new binoculars, given to him through the ABA Birders' Exchange program. Photo by Jenn Sinasac
Birders' Exchange in Panama
Anibal Rodriguez looks through his new binoculars for the first time! The binoculars were donated through ABA's Birders' Exchange program and presented to him by Carlos Bethancourt . Photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Birders' Exchange in Panama
Nuevo Vigia President Elida Aji looks through the binoculars donated to the community through ABA's Birders' Exchange program. Photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Common Potoo Jill Lapato
Common Potoo and chick, photo by Jill Lapato
Canopy Camp Darien
Canopy Camp Darien outdoor shower, now complete with hot water. Photo by Alex Alba
David Marteney, Mark Shapiro, Lynn Anderson, Canopy Family guide Domiciano Alveo, Ron & Robin Marteney enjoying a great week at the Canopy Lodge.
Guests at Canopy Lodge
Kim Brown and friends, with Carlos Bethancourt, at the Canopy Lodge during their 3-lodge adventure in June.

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