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Featured Photos from July 2014 Newsletter

White-tipped Sicklebill
White-tipped Sicklebill, photo by Doug Weschler
West Indian Tufted Airplant
West Indian Tufted Airplant, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Orion Cecropian
Orion Cecropian, photo by Tino Sanchez
Spectacled Owl by John Bowman
Spectacled Owl fledgling, photo by John Bowman
Stoll's Sarota
Stoll's Sarota (Common Jewelmark), photo by Jenn Sinasac
Glass frog eggs
Glass frog eggs, photo by Doug Weschler
Kingsolver Family at Canopy Lodge
Barbara Kingsolver and her family at the Canopy Lodge, photo by Tino Sanchez
Bird researchers at Canopy Tower
Rebekah Mayhew and Tom Lawrence surveying canopy birds at the Canopy Tower, photo by Jenn Sinasac

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