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Meet your guides: Jerry & Linda Harrison

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Jerry & Linda Harrison Panama


Those who have met Jerry & Linda know of their enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge of natural history. 

Linda has an ASc. degree in Park Technology and Jerry, a BSc. in Biology. Together, they have studied birds, botany, butterflies and all aspects of natural history for more than 35 years, having traveled to Africa, Australia and throughout the Neotropics in their pursuit of everything wild.

In 2011 Jerry and Linda settled permanently in Cerro Azul, Panamá, in the foothills east of Panama City. They have been photographing and identifying plants and butterflies at a feverish pace, having amassed an image herbarium of more than 1,150 plant species, many new to science or never before photographed (just in the Cerro Azul/Cerro Jefe region), as well as co-authoring a butterfly photo-inventory of more than 800 species!


List of New Plant Species discovered /co-authored /to be published (ined.)

1- Dendrophthora primaria (co-author) discov.

2- D. fortis (co-author) discov.

3- D. perlicarpa (co-author) discov.

4- Epidendrum adsettii (co-author) discov.

5- Eschweilera roseocalyx  (co-author) discov.

6- Sloanea harrisoniorum (discovered)

7- Oryctanthus callicarpus (co-author) discov.

8- Syngonium adsettiorum (co-author) discov.

9-  Monstera sp. nov. (ined. co-author) discov.

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