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Canopy Tower in Panama


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About Raul Arias de Para

About Raul Arias de Para

A Panamanian by birth and by heart, Raúl is the grandson of Don Tomás Arias, one of the Founders of the Republic of Panama.
Raúl studied economics in St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia, and in the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, where he obtained an MS in 1970. His thesis director was Dr.Leland B. Yeager. Upon his return to Panamá, Raúl worked in the banking industry for 10 years…

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Recent Sightings

An intriguing BLACK-CROWNED ANTPITTA has been hanging out at the Canopy Adventure recently. A BARE-NECKED UMBRELLABIRD was found by our team of guides at El Cope National Park during annual guide reunion! Find out which birds have been recent visitors of Canopy Camp, Lodge, and Tower!

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