Canopy Family Panama

Harlequin Beetle
Acrocinus longimanus

Harlequin Beetle Panama
Photo by Jenn Sinasac


One of the largest and most beautiful beetles of the Neotropics, the Harlequin Beetle is named for the ornate, colorful red, olive & black pattern on the elytra (wings) of both the male and female.  This beetle is a member of the longhorn beetle family, Cerambycidae; members of this family have long antennae, often longer than the length of their body!  Adults have a body length of close to 8 cm, and males are particularly impressive because they have elongated forelegs, extending much longer than the length of their body.  Harlequin Beetles are found from Mexico to Brazil; they can be found on the bark of trees on which they feed on sap and lay eggs.  This male was spotted at the Canopy B&B in Gamboa.

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