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Cloud forest by David Tipling
Cloud forest by David Tipling
August 20, 2018 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Trip List, August 11-18, 2018 Canopy Family
This tour proved to embrace Panama's abundance of butterflies in August with 244 species seen, 11 new for the Canopy Family species list. The butterfly activity around the Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower was enjoyed by all participants and guides!

August 13, 2018 Red Hill Birding: Top Birding Lodges of Panama with the Illinois Ornithological Society, June 26 - July 5, 2018 Adam Sell and Josh Engel
With an incredible diversity of birds in a small area, wonderful lodges, and great infrastructure, we tallied more than 300 species while staying at two of the best birding lodges anywhere in Central America. While staying at Canopy Tower, we birded Pipeline Road and other lowland sites in Soberanía National Park and spent a day in the higher elevations of Cerro Azul. We then shifted to Canopy Lodge in the beautiful, cool El Valle de Anton, birding the extensive forests around El Valle and taking a day trip to coastal wetlands and the nearby drier, more open forests in that area. This was the rainy season in Panama, but rain hardly interfered with our birding at all and we generally had nice weather throughout the trip.

August 13, 2018 Red Hill Birding: Darien Extension A week on the wild side of Panama, July 5-10, 2018 Adam Sell
Few places in Central America invoke feelings of tropical wilderness like Panama’s Darién province. The Panamerican Highway sees its first and only end along its passage to Tierra del Fuego. The “Darién Gap”, as it is known, spans across the southeastern end of Panama from the end-of-the-road town of Yaviza to the border of Colombia, where the road picks up again. This wilderness has drawn many adventurers and birders alike to be a part of one of the vastest wildernesses in the new world. Our station for the extension, the Canopy Family’s “Canopy Camp” put us just west of Yaviza and a stone’s throw from many of the Darién’s specialty birds.

July 02, 2018 Herpetology at the Isthmus, June 11-19, 2018 Our second Herpetology at the Isthmus tour was jam packed with sightings of amazing reptiles and amphibians! A total of 54 herps were seen during the week at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. Here is the final trip list - a great week was enjoyed by all. Thanks to our guest herpetologist Stephen Mullin who joined us for the tour!
June 15, 2018 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Tower, Feb 4-10, 2018 Chris Benesh
The 2018 Panama Canopy Tower tour was a big hit with generally fine weather and some terrific birding with our local expert Alex Sanchez. We scored over 200 species in just a few days including some really terrific highlights. We did particularly well with raptors, in my mind, and some of those views were just mind-blowing. The Slaty-backed Forest-Falcon and the Black Hawk Eagle were awesome. We also had a great look at a Pheasant Cuckoo at the Discovery Center and many many more.

June 15, 2018 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Tower & Lodge, March 11-18, 2018 John Coons
We enjoyed a great week of birding at both the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. It is so nice to stay in a couple of places with access to a variety of birding sites and habitats and it is hard to be in more comfortable birding-friendly environs. It is difficult to beat Howler Monkeys as alarm clocks and Red-naped Tamarins entertaining us while eating bananas right next to the Tower.

June 15, 2018 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Camp: Lowland Darien, Dec 26, 2017 to Jan 6, 2018 John Coons
One of the great aspects of birding in Darien is there is always the chance of a surprise along the way. It didn't take us long to find one of these surprises. Driving from Panama City on our first day we stopped near the Rio Torti to look for a few area specialties and found a Russet-throated Puffbird, a bird new to Panama and to Central America. It was a great way to start our trip.

June 15, 2018 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, January 13-21, 2018 Tony Nunnery
Each day provided memorable moments, as one would expect from such a magical place.
Following are some other extraordinary highlights that triggered delight and excitement within
the group. For example, there was a pair of Black-tailed Trogons feeding, perching, and posing
for the cameras at the Camp shortly after a Crimson-crested Woodpecker left the same tree.
There was the moment at Aligandi where everyone watched a Bat Falcon flying in circles
around, and then dive bombing, a White Hawk that flew through his territory. At Las Peñitas
there was a slow-moving mixed flock feeding around everyone, which gave us ample time to see
and sort through the various species within the flock.

June 15, 2018 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower & El Valle's Canopy Lodge, Jan 4-16, 2018 Jeri Langham
As dawn approached we began to hear Barred, Slaty-backed, and Collared forest- falcons, plus both Rufous and Broad-billed motmots. As it got lighter, we started seeing birds on all sides of the tower. Highlights at the tower were Keel-billed Toucans, Blue Dacnis, Red-lored and Blue-headed parrots, Bay-headed Tanager, Brown-capped Tyrannulet, and White-necked Jacobin, but the best of all was everyone getting stellar views of Green Shrike-Vireo.

June 15, 2018 WINGS: Panama: Spring at the Canopy Tower, March 2018 Gavin Bieber
The 2018 Spring Panama tour combined seasonably dry weather with a wonderful array of neotropical birds. Our week at the Canopy Tower produced 293 species of birds and an incredible 19 species of mammals (387 species of birds and 20 mammals with the extension included).

June 15, 2018 Panama: In Search of the Harpy Eagle, March 29 to April 5, 2018 Mark Garland
This trip visited the Canopy Camp Darien in eastern Panama, with a single bird as the primary goal. We were hoping to see the iconic Harpy Eagle, rare denizen of pristine rainforests of the American tropics, the largest and most powerful forest-dwelling raptor in the world. Of course Harpy Eagles are just part of a vibrant ecosystem, and once we’d enjoyed spectacular views of Harpy Eagle, we then enjoyed many other elements of this mega-diverse environment.

June 14, 2018 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies and Butterflies of Canopy Camp Darien Trip List, May 25 - June 9, 2018 Canopy Family
This year's first round of butterfly tours at the Canopy Lodge, Canopy Tower and Canopy Camp Darien turned up a total of 345 species of butterflies, 17 of which were new for the growing Canopy Family butterfly list!

February 20, 2018 WINGS Birding Tours: Panama, Darien Lowlands, Nov 25 - Dec 1, 2017 narrative Gavin Bieber
The bird highlights were many, from huge Great Green Macaws floating by to Blue Cotingas gleaming from the trees, Black Antshrikes lurking in the undergrowth, Spot-breasted and Golden-green Woodpeckers working trees just overhead, Dusky-backed Jacamars courtship feeding or the surprisingly attractive and range restricted Black Oropendolas there were truly wonderful birds throughout the trip.

February 20, 2018 Naturetrek: Panama - Birding the Darien Gap, September 23 - October 1, 2017 A venture into the wilds of Darien produced spectacular finds, including not one but TWO Harpy Eagles in two different locations, plus many of the other avian specialties of the region. This trip report features a day-to-day account and a full list of species seen, including birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.
February 20, 2018 VENT: Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge, October 7-14, 2017 Barry Zimmer
After a short, three-hour drive to the Canopy Lodge in El Valle, we were greeted by a squadron of colorful birds at the feeders and in the garden—Rufous Motmot; Long-billed Starthroat; Snowy-bellied Hummingbird; Red-crowned Woodpecker; Crimson-backed, Flame-rumped, Blue-gray, Palm, Plain-colored, and Dusky-faced tanagers; and gem-like Thick-billed Euphonias. Even our ensuing lunch was interrupted by a Purple-crowned Fairy flitting about an Erythrina tree. An afternoon walk above the lodge produced Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher, Bay Wren, Black-chested Jays, Scarlet-thighed Dacnis, Bay-headed Tanager, Green Honeycreeper, and a Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth. And that just concluded the first day! Read Barry's full trip report and trip list here!

February 20, 2018 VENT: Panama: A Relaxed & Easy Tour, November 12-18, 2017 David Ascanio
A silent night in the peaceful town of Gamboa was followed by a wild blast of birds at dawn near the lodge. What a way to start our Panama Canal tour! The bird feeder was our first step to identify some of the common and colorful species that included Plain-colored, Blue-gray, Palm, Crimson-backed, and Golden-hooded tanagers. In addition to this kaleidoscope of colors, we also saw Red-legged and Shining honeycreepers, Orange-chinned Parakeet, and Buff-throated Saltator. As the morning warmed up, we walked in the streets of Gamboa and added Common Tody-Flycatcher, Baltimore Oriole, Gray-headed Chachalacas, Gray-lined Hawk, and three Short-tailed Hawks in flight. A slow afternoon (due to the rain) gave us the chance to obtain close views of Gartered Trogon and a female Blue Cotinga. Read more of David's trip details and full list here.

February 12, 2018 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Trip List, December 3-15, 2017 Canopy Family
Our final Panama's Brilliant Butterflies tour of 2017, led by Tino Sanchez and Linda Harrison, wrapped up with over 300 species total, 144 of those alone were from the 5-night Canopy Camp extension in Darien! This report includes the full list, noting new species additions to the Canopy Family list, and some fun photos at the end.

September 01, 2017 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Tour Trip List August 18-25, 2017 Canopy Family
Our second August butterfly tour featured many exquisite butterflies of the Canopy Lodge and Canopy B&B. This 7-night tour resulted in 221 species of butterflies seen, complimented by great weather and great friends who returned to enjoy Panama's butterflies again!

August 24, 2017 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Tour Trip List August 6-18, 2017 Canopy Family
This August's butterfly tour was particularly exciting, with a large group of returning butterfly friends and many, many butterflies seen between the Canopy Tower, Canopy Lodge and Canopy Camp Darien, including many new species for us. The Canopy Family butterfly checklist is growing! Check out the full trip list here.

August 21, 2017 Panama 2017: Birds Before Breakfast Shelley Rutkin
Shelley shares her entertaining trip report from her stay at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge in 2017. Complete with fantastic photos, 4-part blog is full of great birds and a great overview of her Panama birding vacation. Follow the links in her blog for the other 3 parts!

June 25, 2017 Amphibians & Reptiles of Central Panama trip report, June 11-19, 2017 Canopy Family
Our inaugural Amphibians & Reptiles of Central Panama tour produced many great herpetofaunal sightings, was a great learning experience and great fun! Thanks to our guest herpetologist Dr. Steve Mullin and our enthusiastic participants with keen eyes, we encountered 50 species of amphibians and reptiles at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. This detailed trip report elaborates on all the highlights and memorable moments of the tour!

June 20, 2017 Rockjumper Birding Tours: Panama Darien Extension III, April 1-7, 2017 George Armistead
What a week! Among many great Darien specialties seen during this trip, the highlights were the big raptors - Harpy Eagle and Crested Eagle, both at nests - and the spectacular raptor migration heading back up north. There were many adventures along the way, especially considering some of Darien's logistics. This detailed trip report also includes an annotated checklist of all 270 species seen and heard.

June 20, 2017 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Tower I, Feb 5 - 11, 2017 Chris Benesh
A week at the Canopy Tower was a real treat with a number of exciting highlights and even a bit of adventure! This full species list has descriptions, highlights and ever-enticing photos of Panama's incredible wildlife.

June 10, 2017 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Trip List, May 21-June 2, 2017 Canopy Family
This year, our Panama's Brilliant Butterflies tour introduced an extension to the Canopy Camp in Darien, maximizing this butterfly tour to 13 days and tallying 271 species seen during the tour. This trip list is a great resource and proudly includes the species encountered at the Canopy Camp.

June 05, 2017 Birding Panama, October 29 - November 8, 2016 Mary Ann Good
A fantastic trip covering the best of eastern and central Panama, these friends were dazzled daily with great birds including Harpy Eagle, Dusky-backed Jacamar, Blue Cotinga, Spectacled Parrotlet, Pied Puffbird, Cinnamon Woodpecker, Barred Forest-Falcon and Spectacled Owl, in addition to many butterflies, mammals and interesting cultural and historical attractions. This trip report is jam-packed with great photos and entertaining stories.

May 07, 2017 Central Panama: Canal Zone, Cerro Azul and El Valle, October 2016 John Rogers
This trip report provides a great summary of a dedicated birding trip at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, successfully seeking out central Panama's target species. Complete with photos, highlighted target species names and a full species list, this trip report is a great resource for central Panama birding in October.

May 01, 2017 WINGS Birding Tours: Panama: Spring at the Canopy Tower, 2017 narrative Gavin Beiber
Some of the highlights included a female Blue Cotinga feeding just feet from the group, a perched and completely unconcerned Tiny Hawk that remained in place for over 10 minutes right above the trail, excellent views of all six species of possible Trogons, an eye-level nest of Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrants on the Plantation trail, point blank views of a singing Streak-chested Antpitta and foraging Great Tinamou along the Pipeline Road and a surprise Ocellated Antbird and both Spot-crowned Barbet and White-headed Wrens along Achiote Road. This tour included an equally as exciting extension to the Canopy Lodge.

May 01, 2017 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Tower & Lodge, March 12 - 19, 2017 John Coons
"It took quite a bit of effort, but we finally had dynamite views of this Streak-chested Antpitta - even in the telescope - along Pipeline Road." This complete trip list highlights the fantastic birds and wildlife seen at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, complete with great photos and information.

May 01, 2017 Rockjumper Birding Tours: Panama Darien Extension I, March 18-23, 2017 Forrest Rowland
The first part of this comprehensive best of birding in Panama trip list features 6 days at the Canopy Camp, with such great sightings including Harpy Eagle, Crested Eagle, Crimson-bellied Woodpecker, the endemic Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker and extremely range-restricted Dusky-backed Jacamar!

May 01, 2017 Mass Audubon: Panama Birding, March 2017 Bill Gette
A great summary of a superb trip at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge: including a voted "top 10 species" and dozens of trip highlights, by the participants themselves, including experiencing the wild ride along Pipeline Road, seeing large kettles of migrating hawks and vultures from the roof of Canopy Tower, Visiting the Miraflores Locks, watching the Rufous Motmot swing its tail back and forth, and enjoying so much delicious food!

April 26, 2017 Naturetrek: Panama - Canopy Tower, November 2-10, 2016 Richard Trollope
A great week at the Canopy Tower, full of fantastic birds. This summary gives a great overview of some of the species seen during the trip, and nice photos to go along with it.

April 01, 2017 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower & El Valle's Canopy Lodge, Jan 03 - 15, 2017 Jeri Langham
Our morning began on Canopy Tower’s Observation Deck at 6 a.m. while it was still dark for pre-breakfast birding while sipping coffee, tea, or soft drinks. Those who arrived first were able to hear two Mottled Owls giving their last calls and then the Barred and Collared forest-falcons and Broad-billed and Rufous motmots. As it got lighter, we started seeing gorgeous birds on all sides of the tower - Keel-billed Toucans, Gartered Trogon, the diminutive Brown-capped Tyrannulet, even smaller Black-headed Tody-Flycatcher, two Gray-headed Kites, Forest Elaenia, Masked Tityra, Blue Dacnis, Red-legged and Green honeycreepers, Red-lored and Mealy parrots, Bay-breasted Warbler, Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher Black-breasted Puffbird, Short-tailed Hawk, and Palm, Summer, and Golden-hooded tanagers. However, my biggest thrill was spotting the difficult-to-see Green Shrike-Vireo that all day long sings, “You can’t see me” from high in the canopy.

April 01, 2017 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Lodge, Dec 30, 2016 - Jan 6, 2017 John Coons
Highlights were many and included lengthy views of a Fasciated Tiger-Heron which we saw catch and swallow a fish; a close Black Hawk-Eagle and stunning views of White Hawks; a Gray-cowled Wood-Rail basking in the sun; a pair of Tropical Screech-Owls on a perch right over the road; the fabulous Crested Owl, plus three Spectacled Owls during the day; a White-tipped Sicklebill feeding at a Heliconia flower and a scope view of a tiny male Green Thornbill; a pair of Orange-bellied Trogons hovering to pluck fruit from a tree; a Tody Motmot sitting patiently as we watched it in the scope; Barred, White-necked, and White-whiskered puffbirds; and a pair of very uncommon Crimson-bellied Woodpeckers! This trip species list is packed with notes and photos, and well worth a read!

March 30, 2017 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, January 14-22, 2017 Kevin Zimmer
Magical moment: We spent over an hour watching an adult female Harpy Eagle sitting in its nest, situated majestically in the crotch of a towering Cuipo tree, some 50 m above the ground. The Harpy was alert throughout, the feathers of her expressive, bifurcate crest erect one second and lax the next, a dynamic that was impossible for those of us with cameras to resist. And how cool was it to have two screeching Great Green Macaws fly right past the nest tree, allowing a lucky few to claim macaws and Harpy in the same binocular field?

February 06, 2017 On the Edge of Darien - A Trip Report Marc & Peggy Faucher
After an adventurous week at the Canopy Camp with Canopy Family guide Moyo Rodriguez, Marc & Peggy relived their time in Darien by composing a fantastic trip report - full of photos, stories, great bird sightings (including Harpy Eagle at a nest!) and mega non-avian surprises. Click on the link above to read their blog.

February 06, 2017 Panama - Canopy Family Tour November 2016 Ecotours Worldwide
An excellent and entertaining report of a visit to all four Canopy Family properties. Full of photos and great sightings, this site visit was not only success but also a lot of fun!

December 22, 2016 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies, December 2-9, 2016 December's Canopy Family butterfly tour was great fun, a good learning experience and with 236 species of butterflies seen during the week, a very productive tour. Behavioral highlights and insight into the natural history of Panama's butterflies and other wildlife enriched the spectacular sightings.
December 21, 2016 Half Day Birding Pipeline Road, June 2016 Bill Maynard
A fantastic morning on Pipeline Road - with some luck an army ant swarm brought in dozens of species of antbirds, woodcreepers and motmots. In addition to that, this fantastic morning produced great sightings of Streak-chested Antpitta and Speckled Mourner, among many others. One morning on Pipeline Road may be all you need, but we hope you return again and again.

November 30, 2016 VENT: Panama's Canal Zone: A Relaxed & Easy Tour, November 6-12, 2016 David Ascanio
Our first morning in Gamboa began with a bird feeder packed with honeycreepers, tanagers, and parakeets. As we were distracted by this mosaic of colored plumages, a flashy Whooping Motmot showed from a dark corner and landed at the feeder to take a piece of banana and fly away. Hosting warm and humid weather, Gamboa also welcomed us with a Blue-chested Hummingbird disputing a feeder with the territorial Rufous-tailed Hummingbird. What a unique welcome to Panama!

November 16, 2016 Flights of Fancy Adventures: Panama - Rio de los Rapaces, October 19-25, 2016 Sam Fried
Twelve participants were not disappointed, standing atop Cerro Ancon in Panama City, when literally, tens of thousands and tens of thousands more of these magnificent raptors swarmed over and around us, many within 100 feet, pouring in from surrounding hillsides, swirling in rising kettles, streaming off toward the south and east once they rose to the top of the updraft, looking like swarms of huge insects. To put it simply, it was a mind-boggling experience!

November 15, 2016 Buckham Birding: Panama Diary Mike Buckham
A fantastic summary and charmingly entertaining trip report of a whirlwind Canopy Family trip to all three lodges. Highlights include Streak-chested Antpitta, Ocellated Antbird, Rosy Thrush-Tanager and Harpy Eagle! A total of 360 species were seen during their 2-week adventure.

November 15, 2016 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, October 1-9, 2016 Barry Zimmer
The best 45 minutes of the tour belonged to the magical stretch watching a massive and spectacular Harpy Eagle at its nest along the Rio Membrillo. This iconic and near-mythical denizen of the Neotropics posed in full view on the edge of its nest for much of our visit, allowing us lengthy scope studies and photo ops. It was a lifer for everyone in our group, including me, and was voted the favorite bird of the tour!

October 26, 2016 Naturetrek Panama's Butterflies, October 2-10, 2016 Jenn Sinasac
Naturetrek's first Panama butterflies tour! This October proved to be a fantastic time for watching butterflies in Panama, with 218 species seen during this week-long tour at the Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower. Six-spotted Eighty-Eight, Clearwing Mimic-Queen and 3 species of jewelmarks (Stoll's Sarota, Black-bellied Anteros and Giant Anteros) were among many highlights of this tour. Full day trips to Altos del Maria and Pipeline Road, along with visits to other nearby sites and habitats and fantastic weather overall contributed to a great diversity of butterflies seen.

October 23, 2016 Canopy Family's 4th Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity Tour, October 11-19, 2016 Jenn Sinasac
Another fantastic Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity Tour come and gone! This year, along with the great knowledge and company of Dr. Howard Topoff and Dr. Carol Simon, we saw over 200 species of birds, 16 species of mammals, 21 reptiles and amphibians and countless butterflies, insects and plants, and had a lot of fun too. This special tour also included visits to the BioMuseo and Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal in Panama City. Tropical lowlands to cloud forest-covered foothills, great weather, animals and people made for a very memorable tour!

September 27, 2016 Sunrise Birding: Panama! Darien lowlands at the Canopy Camp, Sept 4-9, 2016 Luke Tiller
A whirlwind Canopy Camp tour - short and sweet, Sunrise Birding's 5-day Darien adventure was a memorable one, with 240 species of birds seen including many of the eastern Panama specialties. The highlight though, was a special trip to see a Harpy Eagle nest, recently discovered not too far from the Camp, and this group was the very first to visit. Follow the links to the detailed trip report and species list.

September 07, 2016 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies, August 25 - September 1, 2016 What a week for butterflies! August and September are our most productive months for butterflies in Panama, and this week-long tour turned up a total of 243 species seen, our biggest total yet. Leafwings, satyrs and skippers were in abundance at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. Check out this trip list for all the beautiful butterflies seen during this tour.
July 04, 2016 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies, June 7-14, 2016 The great butterfly sightings continued into June during our second butterfly tour of 2016! During this week-long tour, many beautiful butterflies and moths were found, along with representatives from all life stages of lepidopterans, allowing for much discovery and learning. This trip list details the 181 species of butterflies and skippers seen during the tour.
July 01, 2016 Cheepers: Panama Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge, April 22-May 3, 2016 Jim & Cindy Beckman
The full trip checklist from Cheepers! Birding on a Budget Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge tour, 2016, 340 species of birds seen!

June 09, 2016 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies, May 28-June 4, 2016 Canopy Family
A fantastic first butterfly tour of 2016! Over 200 species of beautiful brushfoots, hairstreaks, metalmarks, swallowtails and skippers were seen during our week-long tour at the Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower. All 8 participants enjoyed these colorful and eye-catching creatures, along with all other wildlife encountered during the week. This report details each day of the tour and includes a full list of all butterfly and skipper species seen.

May 24, 2016 Bill Young's Panama Trip Report Summary 2016 Bill Young
In this excellent supplement to his detailed daily trip report (see April 11, 2016), Bill summarizes his notes for the major groups of birds and mammals during his 2016 trip to Panama (Canopy Lodge, Canopy Tower & Canopy Camp) and post-Panama trip to Belize.

April 11, 2016 Naturalist Journeys / Caligo Adventures Panama Darien Tour, March 8-13, 2016 Peg Abbott
An annotated checklist of 288 species of birds, mammals and a surprise reptile seen during a week in Darien at the Canopy Camp. A terrific week, with excellent looks at a number of species hard to find elsewhere. Many of these species were right at the Canopy Camp, making for leisurely viewing. Being based out of one spot made it a true vacation. Highlights included seeing woodpeckers well, a number of mixed flocks, some significant raptors, the Dusky-backed Jacamars were feeding fledged young, Capped Herons just a few feet away engrossed in feeding, and the very active ant swarm at Quebrada Felix.

April 11, 2016 Panama - Canopy Tower, January 13-17, 2009 Paul B. Jones
This thorough trip report contains everything you need to know about traveling to Panama for a stay at the Canopy Tower, along with all the fantastic birds one may see. Included in this report is an overview of each birding location visited, and a full species list of birds and mammals seen.

April 11, 2016 Bill Young's Panama Trip Report 2016 Bill Young
From the Canopy Lodge to Canopy Tower to Canopy Camp then back again to the Canopy Tower, Bill provides daily reports about the birds and wildlife seen during his trip. This trip report is a compilation of Bill's interesting sightings, facts and photos.

March 17, 2016 Field Guides at Panama's Canopy Lodge, Dec 27, 2015 - Jan 3, 2016 John Coons
Highlights of our stay included the perched White Hawk with a snake in its talons, a pair of Tropical Screech-Owls at the Lodge, a feeding White-tipped Sicklebill, tiny male and female Green Thorntails, a beautiful male Snowcap, five species of motmots, a handful of Barred Puffbirds, Spot-crowned Barbet, the Aplomado Falcon perched right over the road, great views of a Spot-crowned Antvireo, an out-of-range Least Flycatcher, and the Sulphur-rumped and Emerald tanagers at our lunch spot, among others.

March 17, 2016 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower & El Valle, January 5-17, 2016 Jerry Langham
On our first morning on the Observation Deck of Canopy Tower our highlights were Keel-billed Toucans, a Blue Dacnis pair, Gray-headed Kite, Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant, Black-breasted Puffbird, Squirrel Cuckoo, and both Mealy and Red-lored parrots. As we were starting to go back to the third floor, Cliff spotted two King Vultures soaring fairly close to the tower…what a magnificent event! Who would have guessed that on day 12 we could still be adding new species to our ever-growing list?

March 17, 2016 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, January 16-24, 2016 Jeri Langham
Macaws, hummingbirds, owls and a plethora of Darien specialties were seen during a fantastic week at the Canopy Camp. Jeri outlines the target birds and some of the participants' "top ten" favorite birds, along with mammals and other interesting sightings in Darien.

March 17, 2016 Field Guides at Panama's Canopy Tower, February 7-13, 2016 John Coons
Highlights of our trip were many and included that Rufescent Tiger-Heron perched just below us, a rarely encountered Agami Heron, Panama's first White-faced Ibis, those two perched Gray-headed Kites from the tower followed soon after by two soaring Swallow-tailed Kites, a family of White-throated Crakes, the Common Potoo on a day roost, and all those hummingbirds including scope views of a tiny male Rufous-crested Coquette!

February 25, 2016 VENT: Panama: El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension, January 31-February 5, 2016 Tony Nunnery
So many great moments: One early morning we stood near a patch of Heliconia flowers waiting to see if a White-tipped Sicklebill would come to feed. To our surprise, not only did one arrive to cling to the flower and feed using its largely curved bill, but a Band-tailed Barbthroat and Stripe-throated Hermit also visited the flower. The sicklebill and the hermit visited various times, giving us multiple looks. Other hummingbird sightings that stand out are the Snowcap and a Rufous-tailed Hummingbird on her nest. Another outstanding moment was when we came across a pair of Yellow-eared Toucanets and a pair of Emerald Toucanets feeding in a fruiting tree beside the road.

January 26, 2016 Field Guides at Panama's Canopy Camp: Lowlands Darien II, Dec 26, 2015 - Jan 3, 2016 John Rowlett
From a Panama “accidental” (Bicolored Wren) and a Panama endemic (Yellow-green Tyrannulet) to a range-restricted specialty (Dusky-backed Jacamar) and one of the most highly sought species in all of Tropical America (Harpy Eagle), our seven days were full of these splendid surprises and other exciting species like Ruby-topaz and Black Oropendola. This trip report and full species list is sure to get anyone excited about birding at the Canopy Camp!

January 05, 2016 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Trip List, December 13-20, 2015 This December, we turned up an even 200 species of butterflies during a week at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. Highlights included three species of Cypris Morpho, Waiter Daggerwing and 3 species of jewelmarks.
December 20, 2015 WINGS Birding Tours: Fall at the Canopy Tower 2015 Gavin Bieber
This detailed trip report highlights all the great sightings during a week at the Canopy Tower (and extension to the Canopy Lodge) and so much more! Places, birds and wildlife are described in great detail, with 361 bird species seen!

December 20, 2015 WINGS Birding Tours: Fall at the Canopy Tower 2015 - Bird List Gavin Bieber
A full species list of the 361 species of birds seen during a week at the Canopy Tower and extension to the Canopy Lodge in Fall 2015.

December 01, 2015 VENT: Panama's Canal Zone: A Relaxed and Easy Tour, November 8-14, 2015 David Ascanio
As soon as there was light in the town of Gamboa, in the Panama Canal area, we were welcomed with open “birding” arms. Our first day was packed with views of antbirds, parrots, raptors, crakes, toucans, tyrant-flycatchers, and hummingbirds. Yes, a lot of hummingbirds!

November 15, 2015 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, October 3-11, 2015 Barry Zimmer
This birding tour focused on finding many of the Darien specialties with one great moment right after the other, right until the very end of the tour. Starting in Nusagandi and working their way into the heart of Darien, they found many great birds including the Dusky-backed Jacamar, the highlight bird of the trip.

November 15, 2015 VENT: Fall at Panama's Canopy Tower, October 10-17, 2015 Barry Zimmer
From the Canopy Tower on Day 1, we enjoyed a stunning male Blue Cotinga, Black-breasted Puffbird almost at arm’s-length, a flashy Gartered Trogon, stunning Cinnamon Woodpeckers, Keel-billed Toucans, brilliant Golden-hooded Tanagers, Fulvous-vented Euphonias, and more...

November 10, 2015 Canopy Family's Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity Tour, October 18-26, 2015 Our third annual "Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity" tour at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge was non-stop full of birds, mammals, insects and wildlife! Guest scientists Howard Topoff and Carol Simon, along with Canopy Family's biologist guide Jenn Sinasac provided a wealth of knowledge during the tour on natural history and ecological aspects of the wildlife and environments. This detailed trip report and species lists highlight the wildlife seen and fun that was had during this year's tour.
October 29, 2015 Sunrise Birding Panama: Darien Lowlands at the Canopy Camp, August 31-September 5, 2015 Gina Nichol
A fantastic 5-night tour at the Canopy Camp in Darien! Sunrise Birding's detailed trip report highlights the best of this jam-packed tour, with great bird and wildlife sightings and even more fun!

October 29, 2015 Sunrise Birding Panama: Darien Lowlands Species List, August 31-September 5, 2015 Gina Nichol
In addition to the detailed trip report (posted separately), this comprehensive species list includes all birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles & amphibians that were spotted during this exciting tour at the Canopy Camp in Darién.

September 05, 2015 Naturetrek: Panama - Mammals of the Canopy Tower, July 4-13, 2015 A fantastic week at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, seeking out Panama's common and more elusive mammals. Night drives, jungle adventures, great mammals and birds made for a great tour!
August 17, 2015 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Tour, August 7-14, 2015 Another fantastic butterfly tour led to 157 species of these winged gems seen in a week, among over 150 species of birds, plus dragonflies, mammals and more! This is the complete butterfly species list from the tour. Highlights included Ruddy Daggerwing, Diasia Clearwing, Mango Skipper and Regal Hairstreak.
August 05, 2015 Rainforest Ecology & Conservation Tour, July 16-23, 2015 Terry Dunn
Our inaugural Rainforest Ecology and Conservation tour had a fantastic tour at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, looking at all things regarding tropical nature and supplemented with evening talks on rainforest ecology and rainforest conservation in the evenings by wildlife biologist Terry Dunn. This report includes a list of the 218 species of birds seen and heard in just 7 days, along with several interesting mammals.

June 19, 2015 A Reptile and Amphibian Report, May 2015 Kevin & Nicole Kopf
Kevin Kopf stayed at the Canopy Lodge during his third trip to Panama this past May. Kevin and his fiance spent their time looking primarily for reptiles and amphibians around the Gamboa area and around El Valle, and turned up a great deal of exciting finds! This trip report gives you a good idea of what cold-blooded creatures can be found around our lodges.

June 10, 2015 Canopy Camp Darien May 2015 John & Joy Pruett
John and Joy spent a week at the Canopy Camp in May 2015 and provide here some nice perspectives on the lodge and its spectacular birding, from Panama City to eastern Darien! They include many photos of the Camp and birds they enjoyed during their stay.

June 05, 2015 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies, May 14-21, 2015 The second butterfly tour by the Canopy Family was another great success! Set at the beginning of the rainy season, this time of year was very productive as many fresh adult butterflies emerged to be found by 13 eager butterfliers. This trip report highlights the butterflies seen in during a week at the Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower, includes photos and a full list of the 228 species recorded during the tour.
March 30, 2015 Panama with Mark Garland: March 1-12, 2015 Mark Garland
A photo report of some of the fantastic birds, wildlife and scenery seen during a week and a half at Canopy Camp Darien and the Canopy Tower. Highlights include beautiful photos of Ruby-topaz Hummingbird and Spot-breasted Woodpecker at the Canopy Camp, and some gorgeous photos of Squirrel Cuckoo, trogons, motmots and others from the Canopy Tower.

March 09, 2015 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower, January 25 - February 1, 2015 Kevin Zimmer
A bird-filled and well-detailed trip report of the birds of Central Panama, based at the Canopy Tower. This tour proved excellent for raptors, waterbirds and forest birds, and visits to premier birding locations covering a variety of tropical habitats turned up lots of great sightings in a week of birding.

March 09, 2015 VENT: Panama: El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension, February 1-6, 2015 Kevin Zimmer
As always, the El Valle area treated us to some great birds, beautiful accommodations, and some unexpected surprises. Along with the usual roster of foothills species, this trip turned up some rarities, including a roosting pair of Crested Owls, Barred Forest-Falcon, White-tipped Sicklebill, Streak-chested and Black-crowned antpittas, and a cooperative Crimson-bellied Woodpecker!

March 09, 2015 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Tower II, February 8-14, 2015 John Rowlett
Highlights from a great week of birding at the Canopy Tower: a roosting Great Tinamou, a Capped Heron and 4 nesting Boat-billed Herons, a Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle on an eleven-raptor day, Pheasant Cuckoo, American Pygmy Kingfisher, Rufous-winged Schiffornis, Ocellated Antbirds and a nesting Common Potoo. This report also features several videos taken during the tour.

March 09, 2015 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Tower II Extension: Canopy Lodge, February 4-8, 2015 John Rowlett
The complete trip list and summary of a fabulous pre-extension trip to the Canopy Lodge. In only 4 days in the foothills, this tour rounded up 184 species of birds, and highlights included a very rare Crimson-bellied Woodpecker at Altos del Maria, a male Giant Cowbird courting a shy female, and a subtly beautiful Dull-mantled Antbird, among many others.

March 04, 2015 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp January 17-25, 2015 Kevin Zimmer
VENT's second trip to the Canopy Camp in the Darien lowlands of Panama boasts even more excitement than the first in 2014! This wonderful trip report is bursting with Darien avian specialties, particularly the sighting of a pair of Dusky-backed Jacamars, lifers for everyone (including Kevin and the guides!). Black Oropendolas, Double-banded Graytail, Spot-breasted Woodpecker, Gray-cheeked Nunlet and so much more.

March 04, 2015 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower & El Valle, January 5-17, 2015 Jeri Langham
Everyone made it to the Canopy Tower’s Observation Deck for a pre-breakfast morning of birding while sipping coffee or tea. The earliest to arrive heard one Collared Forest-Falcon and an incredible territorial display of sound from half-a-dozen Mantled Howler Monkey family groups... during this signature VENT 12-night tour at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, the group continuously added new species to their list daily, even up to the last morning!

March 04, 2015 VENT: Christmas at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Pre-trip, December 22-27, 2014 Tony Nunnery
Our tour began in earnest with a pre-trip to the Canopy Lodge in El Valle. Upon arrival, the change of routine got underway while watching various tropical birds visit the banana feeders just below the open-air dining area. We watched excitedly as Rufous Motmot, Red-crowned Woodpecker, Crimson-backed Tanager, Blue-gray Tanager, Palm Tanager, and Red-crowned Ant-Tanager fed frantically. From beginning to end it transformed the normal holiday routine into something very different and exciting. The normal colorful Christmas lights were transformed into colorful and exotic tropical birds. The busy hectic holiday rush was transformed into slow and relaxed days filled with tropical nature and wildlife/birdwatching in the warm tropical climate of Panama. In short, it was a very different and exciting holiday indeed.

March 04, 2015 VENT: New Year at Panama's Canopy Tower, December 27, 2014 - January 3, 2015 Tony Nunnery
A memorable trip with many highlights including Great Jacamar, Gray-headed Kite, Least Bittern, Rufous-crested Coquette, Blue Cotinga, Golden-collared Manakin and more! Celebrating New Year's at the Canopy Tower, this tour had wonderful experiences not only at the Tower itself, but also along Pipeline Road and the other great birding locations nearby. TWO ant swarms on different days produced much excitement, among the tour participants and the birds as well!

March 04, 2015 Field Guides: Panama's Canopy Camp: Lowland Darien, January 24 - February 1, 2015 John Coons
John's complete account for all the species seen during an exciting week at the Canopy Camp! The star of the show was voted once again as the Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, not one but two males that showed up to feed at the verbena just as one did in 2014. Other surprised included Bicolored Wrens, Dusky-backed Jacamars and the endemic Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker! A grand total of 269 bird species and 11 mammal species was achieved during the week in eastern Panama.

March 04, 2015 Naturetrek Trip Report: Panama's Canopy Tower, November 2-9, 2014 This trip report and species list accounts for the impressive 334 species of birds seen in two weeks in Panama - the main tour was based at the Canopy Tower in Soberania National Park, and some group members moved on to the Canopy Lodge, in the foothills two hours west of Panama City for some fresh air and a new set of birds!
February 07, 2015 WINGS Birding Tours: Fall at the Canopy Tower, November 2014 Gavin Bieber
Wings Birding tours had a fantastic trip at the Canopy Tower with an extension to the Canopy Lodge in November 2014. Tour leader Gavin Bieber accounts in detail the species seen and many great birding areas visited during this tour. From this report, you may also review a full species list of the birds seen on this trip.

January 28, 2015 Cornell Lab of Ornithology Golden-winged Warbler Research Trip Report Ken Rosenberg, Ruth Bennett & Jack Hruska
While searching for the declining Golden-winged Warbler in the areas surrounding the Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Anton, and the Canopy Camp in Darien in January 2015, Ken and his graduate students share their trip sightings and experiences; in addition to their target species, they also found Sapayoa, Great Curassow, Double-banded Graytail, Red-throated Caracara and the sounds of the bill-clacking a Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo.

January 01, 2015 Panama's Brilliant Butterflies Inaugural Tour, December 14-21, 2014 Canopy Family's first butterfly tour was an exciting and memorable week at the Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower. The butterflies were abundant and we saw dozens of metalmarks, brushfoots, hairstreaks and skippers - 168 species were found during the tour, including three species of jewelmarks seen on the first day! The world of butterflies and skippers is fascinating, and we were happy to share it with our guests in Panama!
November 21, 2014 VENT: Fall at Panama's Canopy Tower, October 11-18, 2014 Barry Zimmer
"'Oh my god, there’s a Sunbittern in the road right next to us!' I 'whispered' in a semi-suppressed voice." Our Fall at Panama’s Canopy Tower tour was filled with many highlights and moments that we will not soon forget. White-tipped Sicklebill, Streak-chested Antpitta, Spot-crowned Barbet, Ocellated Antbird, Blue Cotinga, Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle, Great Jacamar, and the list goes on and on. The richness and diversity of Panama’s natural wonders were in full display all week.

November 21, 2014 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, October 17-25, 2014 Barry Zimmer
Birds, everywhere! We hadn’t been at the camp more than two minutes the day we arrived when three Red-throated Caracaras flew overhead, while the next morning at breakfast a Barred Puffbird interrupted our meal. Highlights included Bicolored Hawk, Golden-green Woodpecker, Red-Billed Scythebill, Bare-crowned Antbird, Double-banded Graytail, Green Ibis, Spectacled Parrotlet, Rufous-winged Antwren and 2 endemics! In all, we tallied an impressive 250 species of birds for the week, including 20 or so species whose Panamanian range is restricted to the eastern Darien lowlands.

November 21, 2014 VENT: Fall at Panama's Canopy Lodge, Nov 1-8, 2014 Barry Zimmer
Each day during the week seemed more successful than the last. Golden-collared Manakin, Black-faced Antthrush, Spot-crowned and Plain antvireos, Slaty and Checker-throated antwrens, Green Hermit, Spectacled Owls, and a pair of Tody Motmots were among many highlights. The cloud forests of Altos del Maria may have been the most exciting of all, with highlights including the aforementioned Black-crowned Antpitta, five Snowcaps (including three males at eye level 20 feet away as we ate lunch!), Green Thorntail, White-tailed Emerald, seven Orange-bellied Trogons, Red-faced Spinetail, Spotted Barbtail, and Tawny-crested, Silver-throated, and brilliant Black-and-yellow tanagers. we tallied an impressive 255 species (a tour record), including 17 species of hummingbirds, 4 motmots, and 20+ species of tanagers. All of this while based out of the Canopy Lodge with its wonderful accommodations and excellent food. A fantastic trip all the way around!

November 17, 2014 Canopy Family 2nd Annual Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity Tour: November 2-11, 2014 This year's Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity tour explored the lowlands of Darien and the foothills of western Panama, with a desire to see and learn about a wide variety of wildlife. From birds to butterflies, anoles to aphids, we took a close look at the biodiversity of these two special environments. With the help of our guest scientists, Dr. Howard Topoff and Dr. Carol Simon, the learning opportunities were endless, in the field and during interesting and entertaining presentations each evening on a variety of topics from rainforest biodiversity to social insects, poisonous reptiles and amphibians, and animal coloration and communication.
September 27, 2014 Naturetrek Tour Report: Mammals of the Canopy Tower & Lodge July 3-13, 2014 This tour focused on the mammals of central Panama and the western foothills. While Neotropical mammals can be challenging to find, this tour recorded a substantial 26 species of mammals, one of the highest tallies yet for a week in Panama!
September 25, 2014 Athena's View of Panama Jeff Bouton
Athena the Traveling Trinovid joined Leica, Eagle Optics and the Canopy Family in Panama in September. Not only did Athena visit all the Canopy Family properties, including Canopy Camp Darien during their time in Panama, but tallied 360 species of birds along with impressive mammals, butterflies and other wildlife. More trip reports to follow on Athena's Traveling Trinovid blog.

September 25, 2014 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower: Birds & Butterflies August 16-23, 2014 Michael O'Brien
This year’s Birds & Butterflies trip to the Canopy Tower was another fun tour, full of amazing butterflies, birds, mammals, and much more. It was also a particular privilege to be here on the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal’s opening! As expected this time of year, it rained every day, but we managed to dodge the rain most of the time, and enjoyed mild temperatures that are typical of the green season.

September 25, 2014 Flights of Fancy Adventures, LLC: PANAMA July 19-27, 2014 Sam Fried
Blue-crowned Manakin, Blue Cotinga, Boat-billed Heron, Gray-necked Wood-Rail, Semiplumbeous Hawk, Crimson-backed Tanager and Orange-bellied Trogon were among 216 species of birds were seen during this exciting trip. The group visited some of the premier birding sites (including Pipeline Road and Cerro Gaital) in central Panama and the western foothills, and enjoyed comfortable lodging at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, and Sam includes a sneak-peek of the Canopy Camp in Darien for 2015.

September 25, 2014 Ventures Birding Tours: Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge March 7-14, 2014 Aaron Steed
A complete report of our venture to the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge in Panama, featuring a detailed account and full species lists of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians and notable insects seen during a week in central Panama and the western foothills. Ventures Birding Tours was the first group to stay at all three of the Canopy camp properties (Canopy Tower, Canopy Lodge and the new Canopy Camp) in the same trip (see Canopy Camp pre-trip report).

September 25, 2014 Ventures Birding Tours: Pre-trip to Canopy Camp Darien March 1-7, 2014 Aaron Steed
An exciting venture it was to the Canopy Camp in Darien, for a week of birding in eastern Panama, full of regional endemics and specialties. This report highlights the birds and wildlife seen, and is accompanied by charming photos. Ventures Birding Tours was the first group to stay at all three Canopy Family lodges on the same trip. See the subsequent report for the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge.

September 25, 2014 Avocet Tours: Panama - Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge Feb 15-26, 2014 Chris Charlesworth
An entertaining trip report from Avocet Tours' inaugural Panama birding trip. A daily account is accompanied by a full annotated species list, a great resource to review for any birder interested in a trip to Panama. Over 300 species were seen on this trip, including 20 species of hummingbirds, 19 species of antbirds, a flurry of migrants and in addition to birds, 15 species of mammals were seen as well.

September 25, 2014 Panama's Canopy Tower II with Canopy Lodge Extension 2014 John Coons
During our stays at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge we saw a lot of birds in a variety of habitats. In fact, one would be hard pressed to encounter this many tropical species while staying in just two places anywhere in Central America. Both sites are located close to the birding areas, and we were looked after so well by the great staff and local guides.

June 27, 2014 Tamarin Tour Trip Report, June 2014 John Bowman
John and his family spent a week and a half in June searching for mammals, birds, frogs, snakes and butterflies at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge during their Tamarin Tour. This entertaining trip report highlights the best of their tour, from a young Spectacled Owl to a family of Geoffroy's Tamarins at eye level, and everything in between.

June 06, 2014 Panama Canopy Tower & Lodge, February 2014 Dave Roach
An excellent trip report and testimonial, accounting for not only some of the spectacular birds and animals seen during a two-week stay at the Canopy Tower & Lodge. Dave Roach and Rosemary Fielding totalled more than 350 species of birds, including the most sought-after Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo!

May 01, 2014 WINGS Birding Tours: Panama Darien Lowlands, March 2014 Gavin Bieber
This trip to the Canopy Camp in the lowlands of Darien started off on the right foot, with great sightings of two Sapayoa in the eastern foothills of Nusagandi. It set the pace for the rest of the trip, with many eastern Panama specialties including Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Pale-bellied Hermit, Spot-breasted Woodpecker, Chestnut-fronted Macaw, Rufous-winged Antwren, Black Oropendola, Gray-cheeked Nunlet and Rufous-tailed Jacamar.

April 16, 2014 VENT: Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp, January 18-26, 2014 Kevin Zimmer
Panama’s Canopy Camp Darien lived up to our lofty expectations, on both the birding front and as yet another jewel in the Canopy Family crown of great natural history destinations in Panama. It was our privilege to be the inaugural group of birders to open the camp, and with that spirit of adventure there is always an underlying element of uncertainty and experimentation that comes with doing a tour or visiting a destination that hasn’t been done before.

April 16, 2014 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower, Jan 25 - Feb 1, 2014 Kevin Zimmer
No two birding trips to a tropical country are ever the same. The combination of a highly diverse avifauna and the subtly intertwined complexities of ever-changing weather patterns (wet versus dry seasons and their duration and onset) and how that influences fruiting cycles, flowering cycles, and insect abundance all makes for a lot of intangibles and unpredictability. However, regardless of the specifics, you know that you’ll be treated to a lot of great birds and natural history. That maxim played out once again during this year’s Canopy Tower tour.

April 16, 2014 VENT: El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension, Feb 1-6, 2014 Kevin Zimmer
As always, the El Valle area treated us to some great birds, beautiful accommodations, and some unexpected surprises. It started, as it always does, upon our arrival at the Canopy Lodge, with the daily lodge feeder show. At peak times, it can be nearly impossible to tear a group away from the lodge feeders to go anywhere else! The activity at the feeders is often frenetic, and the diversity of tanagers, honeycreepers, and euphonias attracted is truly remarkable.

March 27, 2014 VENT: Panama's Canopy Tower & El Valle, January 5-17, 2014 Jeri Langham
This tour birded the best of our two award-winning lodges, the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, and a wide variety of habitats with many great highlights and hundreds of species seen. Highlights included Great Tinamou, the endemic Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker, Moustached Antwren, an ant swarm with dozens of birds attending including Ocellated Antbirds, Spectacled Owl, Spotted Barbtail, Blue-throated Toucanet, Rufous-browed Tyrannulet, Green Thorntail, Snowcap and Tody Motmot.

March 20, 2014 Panama's Canopy Lodge: El Valle de Anton 2013 Chris Benesh
This trip said good bye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with some excellent birding at the Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Anton. Sunbittern, Black-crowned and Streak-chested antpittas, Silver-throated Tanager and the exquisite Orange-bellied Trogon were among group favorites. This report lists the 224 bird species seen and 7 mammal species seen during the tour week, as well as some spectacular photos from tour leader and guide Chris Benesh.

February 24, 2014 Panama's Canopy Camp: Lowlands Darien 2014 John Coons
One of the first groups at the new Canopy Camp, in the lowlands of Darien, eastern Panama, John Coons and the Field Guides group experienced birding this biodiverse land, with memorable sightings such as Golden-green Woodpecker, Barred Puffbird, Great Potoo, Black-capped Donacobius, Black Oropendola and the stunning and rare Ruby-topaz Hummingbird!

February 24, 2014 Panama's Canopy Tower I: January 19-25, 2014 Lena Senko
On this trip, we sampled a good chunk of this diversity and delighted in the common as well as the unexpected species that came our way. A beautiful Black Hawk-Eagle greeted us on our first day, soaring and calling right over the entrance road to the Canopy Tower... Common Potoo, Spectacled Owl, Blue Cotinga and a rare and gorgeous Agami Heron at Summit Ponds were among many highlights of this tour.

February 01, 2014 Panama: Christmas at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Pre-trip, Dec 22-27, 2013 Tony Nunnery
While the United States was beginning to feel the effects of the polar vortex, those of us participating in the VENT Holiday Season in Panama tours were gearing up for a pleasantly warm tropical birding experience. The dry season had arrived early and other than a short shower the first day of the trip, it would remain dry except for an even shorter shower the last day of the trip. With the weather in our favor, we set out to make Christmas at the Canopy Lodge and New Year at the Canopy Tower a truly memorable Holiday Season.

February 01, 2014 VENT: New Year at Panama's Canopy Tower, Dec 27, 2013-Jan 3, 2014 Tony Nunnery
After a very productive birding experience during our Christmas at El Valle’s Canopy Lodge Pre-trip, we set our sights toward the Panama Canal. Here we would begin the New Year at Panama’s Canopy Tower portion of the Holiday Season tour. The Canopy Tower is definitely a location that all birders should make an effort to visit at least once. The tower is located within the Soberania National Park and provides excellent birding opportunities literally from every window, and especially from the top of the tower. Canopy Tower trips always start with sunrise and coffee on top of the tower, listening to the dawn chorus and watching the treetops come alive with birds...

December 27, 2013 VENT: Fall at Panama's Canopy Tower, October 12-19, 2013 Barry Zimmer
Sixteen species of hummingbirds, massive raptor migration at the peak of the season, and a list of the top 5 species (and a final one sneaked on the last evening to claim the #1 favorite bird of the trip), as voted by the group. Some of the highlights included King Vulture, Great Jacamar, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Common Potoo and two species of owls! The full list of birds, mammals, butterflies and reptiles & amphibians are included in this detailed report well worth reading.

December 27, 2013 VENT: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge, November 2-9, 2013 Barry Zimmer
Upon arrival at the Canopy Lodge, the flurry of birds, all colors of the rainbow, made it difficult for the group to even get to their rooms! This VENT tour report includes a full list of the bird species, and highlights for the trip included Black-crowned Antpitta, Tiny Hawk, Dull-mantled Antbird, a pair of Spot-crowned Barbets, Purple-throated Mountain-Gem, Barred Puffbird, Scarlet-thighed Dacnis, Aplomado Falcon, Lance-tailed Manakin and Pale-breasted Spinetail.

December 27, 2013 WINGS Birding Tours: Fall at the Canopy Tower, November 2013 Gavin Bieber
The 2013 Fall Panama tour combined unseasonably dry weather with a wonderful array of neotropical birds. Our week at the Canopy Tower produced 275 species of birds and an incredible 20 species of mammals. This tour continues to impress me, as the diversity and richness of the region, paired with ease of access and the comforts of the lodge make for a truly wonderful experience.

December 02, 2013 Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity, November 6-14, 2013 The first annual Canopy Family "Introduction to Tropical Biodiversity" was a great success! 191 species of birds, 14 species of mammals, 20 reptiles & amphibians and 40 butterflies and moths were observed, backed up by the interesting and entertaining presentations by our guest scientists Dr. Howard Topoff and Dr. Carol Simon.
November 04, 2013 Panama with Mark Garland: March 1-12, 2013 Mark Garland
The first Audubon Naturalist Society trip to Panama is complete and it was a great success. Enjoy some photos of our adventures. Photo highlights include Black-breasted Puffbird, Orange-bellied Trogon, Bay-headed Tanager, Sunbittern and Rothschild's Porcupine.

September 22, 2013 Naturetrek Tour Report: Mammals of the Canopy Tower, May 8-17, 2013 This trip report details an exciting 10-day tour based at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, and focused entirely on Neotropical mammals. Panama is a wonderful place to search for mammals, and although finding them can be challenging, sightings are always rewarding. This trip finished with a list of 25 species, including Collared Peccary, Tayra, Lesser Capybara, Western Night Monkey and several species of bats.
August 23, 2013 Panama Canopy Lodge & Canopy Tower, April 23 - May 4, 2012 Cindy Beckman
This detailed report outlines a great trip by Cheepers! Birding on a Budget, visiting both the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. Of the 310 species seen and additional 15 species heard, highlights included Tody Motmot, Rufous Nightjar, Ocellated Antbird, Speckled Mourner, Black-and-yellow Tanager, White-tipped Sicklebill and Elegant Euphonia.

August 16, 2013 Naturalist Journeys: Panama Trip Report, January 15-23, 2013 Peg Abbott
Jam-packed with photos, this report is a detailed account, highlighting birds and animals seen during this 8-night tour visiting the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. This trip included visits to Metropolitan Park, Pipeline Road, San Lorenzo National Park, Achiote Road, Costa del Este, Miraflores Locks, La Mesa, Canopy Adventure, Juan Hombron, Santa Clara Beach and more!

June 24, 2013 Naturetrek Tour Report: The Canopy Tower, April 25-May 1, 2013 Canopy Tower Bird Guide Alex Sanchez and nine keen birders and photographers spent a week birding the hotspots in Central Panama, and turned up many exciting sightings, with the photos to prove it! From displaying pairs of Great Tinamous and Great Jacamars in the forests of Soberania National Park, to incredible views of stunning Rufous-crested Coquettes and the endemic Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker in Cerro Azul, this tour was full of birds and other exciting wildlife.
June 01, 2013 Panama's Canopy Tower II February 23 - March 1, 2013 Chris Benesh
This trip report lists the 226 species of birds and 17 species of mammals observed on this jam-packed birding tour with Field Guides. Highlights include a Pheasant Cuckoo displaying on the ground (video included!), American Pygmy Kingfisher, Slaty-tailed Forest-Falcon and a close encounter with a Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth!

June 01, 2013 Panama's Canopy Tower II 2013: Canopy Lodge Extension Chris Benesh
This report offers a full list of species (201 birds and 4 mammals) seen during the Canopy Lodge extension prior to the principal Canopy Tower tour. Highlights included Orange-bellied Trogon, a pair of Black-crowned Antpittas and several Lance-tailed Manakins.

April 18, 2013 Panama: Spring at the Canopy Tower Gavin Beiber
Gavin Beiber and WINGS Birding Tours spent 5 nights at the Canopy Tower in March 2013 and visited the great birding sites in the Panama Canal Zone. Here is a full trip list including some fantastic species like King Vulture, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Short-tailed Nighthawk and White-headed Wren.

April 09, 2013 Panama's Canopy Tower Jan 26 - Feb 2, 2013 Kevin Zimmer
No two birding trips to a tropical country are ever the same. Our tour typified both the unpredictable and the predictable aspects of birding in the Neotropics. This 6-day tour was species-rich with birds and mammals. All in all, we enjoyed a wonderful introduction to the natural riches of the Canal Zone, and had a lot of fun doing it.

April 09, 2013 Panama: El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension Feb 02-07, 2013 Kevin Zimmer
As always, the El Valle area treated us to some great birds, beautiful accommodations, and some unexpected surprises. Purplish-backed Quail-Dove, Black-crowned Antpitta, close encounters with Dull-mantled Antbirds, a responsive pair of Rufous-browed Tyrannulets and Aplomado Falcon were among many highlights. All in all, El Valle and the Canopy Lodge provided us with a perfect complement to our Canopy Tower tour of the Canal Zone, and a fascinating glimpse into the diverse foothill and lowland avifauna of central Panama.

March 25, 2013 Panama’s Canopy Tower & El Valle Jan 5-17, 2013 Jeri Langham
From three Rufous-crested Coquettes in Cerro Azul to three Tody Motmots in El Valle, this VENT Birding Tour was packed with bird activity. With the help of Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge guides Carlos Bethancourt, Moyo Rodriguez & Danilo Rodriguez, this tour cleaned up!

March 25, 2013 Panama’s Canopy Tower I Jan 19-25, 2013 John Coons
This report features the highlights, photos and a full species list of the 226 bird species and 16 mammal species seen in less than a week with Field Guides Birding Tours leader John Coons, Canopy Tower guide Michael Castro and an enthusiastic group of birders!

December 22, 2012 Naturalist Journeys: PANAMA TRIP REPORT March 25 – April 2, 2012
Peg Abbott and the Canopy team: Tower: Carlos Bethancourt & Alexis “Alex” Sanchez;
Lodge: Danilo Rodriguez and Harmodio “Moyo” Rodriguez , guides, with 12 participants: Carla, Bud and Gingy, Lynn, Niki, Sharon and Park, Ed and Beth, Ed, Bill and Judie

December 22, 2012 Birding in Panama: Autumn Experience in Canopy Tower Family (video) Iva Hristova & Boris Nikolov recently visited the Canopy Tower & Canopy Lodge after winning our on-line essay contest. They shot this video during their visit.


Iva & Boris - FotoBiota: wildlife photography & video in stock

December 11, 2012 Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Nov 03—10, 2012 Barry Zimmer
Picking a favorite bird on a Canopy Lodge tour is a difficult task indeed. Our recent Fall at Panama's Canopy Lodge trip was so full of highlights that it was hard to whittle it down to a few dozen most memorable moments. The dizzying array of colors at the lodge feeders is an excellent starting point.

December 01, 2012 Fall at Panama's Canopy Tower Oct 13—20, 2012 David Ascanio
Panama is one of my favorite birding destinations. Imagine this small country as if it were a jigsaw puzzle; it would have a blue corner, some green pieces, some gold pieces, and other sections that would be remarkably rufous and brown.

December 01, 2012 Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension Oct 20—25, 2012 David Ascanio
It is virtually impossible to visit any other location in Central America that matches the mosaic of wonderful birds we saw at the Canopy Lodge. A sample includes Tody Motmot, Black-crowned Antpitta, Snowcap, Brown-billed Scythebill, White-tipped Sicklebill, Elegant Euphonia, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Dull-mantled Antbird, Veraguan Mango...and three species of owls:

December 01, 2012 Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension Oct 20—25, 2012 David Ascanio
It is virtually impossible to visit any other location in Central America that matches the mosaic of wonderful birds we saw at the Canopy Lodge. A sample includes Tody Motmot, Black-crowned Antpitta, Snowcap, Brown-billed Scythebill, White-tipped Sicklebill, Elegant Euphonia, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Dull-mantled Antbird, Veraguan Mango...and three species of owls:

November 30, 2012 WINGS Birding Tours Worldwide: Panama: Fall at the Canopy Tower with Canopy Lodge Extension Nov 17 – Nov 28 with leader Gavin Bieber Gavin Bieber
The 2012 trip to Panama's Canopy Tower and Lodge combined an impressive diversity of birds (380 species) and nearly 20 species of mammals all in a lush tropical setting, with great company and excellent local cuisine. Our highlight species were many, with some of the standouts including a foraging...

November 12, 2012 Panama Field Notes: October 4-26, 2012 William Young

I arrived safely at Canopy Tower at about 4 in the afternoon. My plane landed at 2:30, and because I was sitting in the back row, my luggage was already in the airport by the time I got to baggage claim. I was met by someone from Canopy Tower, and we wended our way through heavy traffic in Panama City.

November 12, 2012 Bird and Mammal Sightings at Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge Bird and Mammal Sightings at Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge
William Young
October 4-26, 2012


The thought of traveling to Panama in the “green season” may not be appealing to some potential tour participants. After all, “green season” means “rainy season.” But for those of you who haven’t tried a green season trip to Panama, I strongly recommend doing so!

September 22, 2012 Naturalist Journeys: Panama Green Season July 18-27, 2012 Bob Behrstock

All participants had arrived one or several days early so the Canopy Tower’s drivers made a hotel sweep through Panama City and picked up everyone during the latter part of the morning.

Before noon, we were assembled on the roof of the Canopy Tower, surrounded by verdant tropical forest, and looking down on a number of treetop butterflies we would not see from the ground. Some of the more colorful eye-poppers were Shining and Red-and-Black leafwings, Dexamenus Prepona, Shining Purplewing, and several long-tailed, orange and blue Costa-spotted Beautymarks...

September 22, 2012 Naturalist Journeys: Panama Green Season Species List July 18-27, 2012 Bob Behrstock

Guide Bob Behrstock with local expert guides from Canopy Tower and Lodge,
and five participants: Pat, Rebecca, Joe, Marj and Dwayne.

Compiled by Bob Behrstock

Great Tinamou - Heard mornings from the Canopy Tower
Little Tinamou - Heard two days
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck - Four days at various wetlands
Gray-headed Chachalaca - Four days, both Tower and Lodge vicinities
Crested Bobwhite - ‘Scope views of this usually “Heard only” bird near Juan...

July 25, 2012 MASSACHUSETTS AUDUBON SOCIETY: July 2012 Bill Gette

PANAMA TRIP FOR VOLUNTEERS: Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, July 14th-20th, 2012. We saw and heard a total of 218 species of birds and 6 species of mammals. We also had the opportunity to explore some very beautiful natural areas.

June 20, 2012 Panamá Canopy Tower Family Birding Trip: June/July 2012 Josh and Kathi Beck

This trip completely blew us away. We birded seriously about 24 of the 30 days and had a couple of days relaxing at the beach and a couple of travel days. We had very little rain and had no days that were truly spoiled by weather. All told, with 15 guided days and the rest on our own, we saw 446 species and tallied 355 new birds for Kathi and 400 for myself. Crazy!

April 20, 2012 Panamigos: Birding at the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, Panama Mary Ann Good

From Feb. 4 to 11, I made my third visit to Panama, my first trek in the dry season, in the company of Donna Quinn, Gerry Hawkins and Martha Krieger, and Gil and Nicole Hamilton—we called ourselves the “Panamigos”.

December 27, 2011 Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Nov 05—12, 2011 Barry Zimmer, VENT

Julio's phone rang (our driver), and he quickly passed it to me. "Barry, this is Moyo. We've found ground-cuckoos at an ant swarm just above the Canopy Adventure. Pick me up along the road and we'll go straight there!"

December 01, 2011 Two and a half million Raptors.... David Cohen

“Yep, two and a half million raptors were counted passing over Panama City during the month of October 2009”
“When do we go?”
And, so it was that our party of six headed off for Panama via Heathrow and Madrid on 15th October 2011. Five of us had visited Panama once before, in April 2007, so we knew we were in for a good time no matter what. We also knew a little of the raptor migration having watched from the deck of The Canopy Tower as 2,000 Mississippi Kites suddenly appeared out of the forest at 7.00 a.m., completed a circuit of the tower to make sure everyone was there, before heading off north towards the USA.

November 24, 2011 Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension Oct 22—27, 2011 Barry Zimmer, VENT

A frantic knock on my door was followed by the two words I had hoped to hear all week, "ground-cuckoos!" Moyo, our local guide, had just been informed that one of the lodge employees had found an ant swarm with two Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoos less than five minutes away!

October 13, 2011 Trip Report Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, Green Season, June 2011 by Peggy Gussman
pictures by Bill Gussman

Having birded at a few spots around the U.S., I felt it was time to try my hand at birding in the tropics. I had been considering the Canopy Tower for some time as I was intrigued by sleeping in the tree tops in a “tree house” of sorts in the middle of the Central American jungle. The offer of a special Green Season price for “The Best of Panama” birding package cinched the deal for us. We paid our deposit and immediately ordered a Birds of Panama field guide. With 978 species to learn, I had a lot of homework to do! Going during the Green Season would mean that the migrants would all be elsewhere on their breeding grounds so the number of species possible could be cut down to the breeding residents which are the ones I was really interested in seeing anyway - still a staggering number

August 17, 2011 Our Innaugural Trip to the Darien Lowlands, plus Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge by Bram Vogels

At 08.00 am, our guides, Benny (Venicio Robinson) and Moyo (Harmodio Rodriguez) of the Canopy Tower Family, picked us up and we started to drive east, to Torti and made some stops on the way. First stop was Bayano, a bridge over a lake where we had: Pied water-tyrant, striated heron, cocoi heron, least grebe, orange-chinned parakeet, purple gallinule, neotropic cormorant, yellow-bellied elaenia, rusty-margined flycatcher, otter, howler monkey and anhinga.

June 03, 2011 24 Hours in the Darien Lowlands Carlos Bethancourt

Last week I spend 24 hrs birding the Darien Lowlands around Meteti, Canglon and Yaviza. Here is the report. Great pictures of Darien specialties, Black Oropendola, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Spot-breasted Woodpecker, Black-capped Donacobious and others.

May 10, 2011 PANAMA - Canopy Tower and Lodge, 12 - 27 January 2011 Blake Maybank

The Canopy Tower is a former radar installation, and there is an exterior platform circling the radar dome, at eye level with the upper canopy of the forest. The tower sits on top of Semaphore Hill, at roughly 300 metres elevation, and you can look down onto the canal, and to the south to Panama City. The door to the exterior platform is opened at 0600, roughly 30 minutes before sunrise, and coffee and tea are available. So one grabs a hot beverage and heads out to watch the sun rise, and listen to the dawn chorus, dominated at first by Mantled Howler Monkeys. A Great Tinamou was calling, as was Green Shrike-Vireo, and Blue-headed and Red-lored Parrots flew by. A Keel-billed Toucan put on a nice show, and there were sightings of commoner species, such as Palm Tanagers (quite unafraid), and some Neotropic migrants, of which Bay-breasted Warbler was the most common. A distant White Hawk went on to the list, as did White-shouldered and Blue-gray Tanagers, and Scarlet-rumped Caciques.

May 02, 2011 Tamarin Tour (mostly mammals), Trip Report, April 10-17, 2011 Marc & Peggy Faucher

We were picked up bright and early at the Riande Airport Hotel and driven 45 minutes to the Canopy Tower where we joined the other guests for breakfast before heading out to San Lorenzo National Park with our guide Alexis. We stopped at the Gatun Locks for about 45 minutes to wait for two huge ships to pass through the Panama Canal. It was very interesting to watch the ships guided into position by tug boats then pulled through the lock by mechanical “mules”. Once inside San Lorenzo National Park across the Canal, it didn’t take long to spot our first mammal, a Brown-headed Three-toed Sloth. We continued past Fort Sherman, once the site of the US Army Jungle Training School and spotted another Three-toed Sloth in a tree not more than 20 feet above our heads! We parked at the Park headquarters and continued on foot along the road. A Collared Peccary dashed across the road just ahead of us and a lone White-nosed Coati also crossed ahead of us. We saw 3 more Three-toed sloths, Red-tailed Squirrels, Mantled Howler Monkeys and a Central American Agouti family to round out our mammal spotting for the day.

April 19, 2011 Talon Tours Panama Trip Report Ken Wilson

Having been welcomed at the Panama City airport and whisked off to Canopy Tower, located in the Soberania National Park, we enjoyed an excellent lunch and met with our guide for the tour, Carlos Bethancourt. After lunch we settled into our rooms and then ascended to the roof of the tower for our first spot of birding and the above-canopy views from the Panama Canal all the way to Panama City.

March 27, 2011 Stung into Action by Stuart Winter, Pipeline Road, PANAMA Stuart Winter

I open the shutters and, out of the gloom, the unmistakable shape of a long-limbed monkey comes crashing through the spindly branches of a giant cecropia tree, staring me full in the face. I forget all the advised protocols about making eye-to-eye contact with a large primate and look back - angrily. I am tired and jet-lagged. The monkey shows his displeasure by letting loose the most amazing, blood-curdling scream you can ever imagine...

March 20, 2011 Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower trip report – March 2011 Katherine Stoltz

I recently visited the Canopy Lodge and Tower with my brother for a 1 week birding trip. We spent 4 nights at the lodge and 3 at the tower.

March 15, 2011 MASSACHUSETTS AUDUBON SOCIETY - Panama Trip Report March 2011 Bill Gette

We saw and heard a total of 224 species of birds and 10 species of mammals. We also had the opportunity to explore some very beautiful natural areas.

Included in this report are the Top Ten Birds, Trip Highlights, Location Summaries, and Bird and Mammal Checklists.

March 12, 2011 Panama's Canopy Tower Jan 30—Feb 06, 2010 Kevin Zimmer, VENT

Our first dawn vigil atop the Tower produced the requisite great views of Green Shrike-Vireo, that persistent (some would say annoying) voice from the canopy. It also netted us fine views of a tree full of outrageous Keel-billed Toucans, a close Black-breasted Puffbird, and a close pass by a Gray-headed Kite that responded to my tape. After breakfast we headed down Semaphore Hill, where we spent the rest of the morning enjoying a nice selection of typical Canal Zone birds, among them, close Broad-billed and Rufous motmots, Cinnamon Woodpecker, Slaty-tailed and White-tailed trogons, White-whiskered Puffbird, Dot-winged and Checker-throated Antwrens, and a nesting pair of Fasciated Antshrikes.

March 12, 2011 Panama: El Valle's Canopy Lodge Extension Feb 06—11, 2010 Kevin Zimmer, VENT

As always, the El Valle area treated us to some great birds, beautiful accommodations, and some unexpected surprises. If there were a theme to this year's trip, it would have to be—nightbirds. Yep, that's right, nightbirds. As voted by the group, the three favorite birds of the tour were all nightbirds. It started the first afternoon, when we visited the property adjacent to the Canopy Lodge in search of a day-roosting Mottled Owl. The bird wasn't in its usual spot, so the lodge guide, Eliecer, left us to check some other places. In minutes he returned, and said he had found the owl. It was perched low and in plain sight, but facing straight away from us. One glance told me that something wasn't right—the bird was the wrong color brown. "Eliecer, this isn't right for Mottled Owl," I said. "It's more the color of a Crested Owl." Almost on cue, the bird swung its head towards us, revealing a white forehead and a couple of huge ear tufts. Crested Owl it was, and apparently the first local record in eight years, according to the senior lodge guides! The bird just sat there while "oohs" and "aahs" alternated with the steady clicking of camera shutters, and while the scope provided a reasonable chance of identifying any feather lice that might be lurking in those giant ear tufts. I believe it was a lifer for all of the participants, as well as for Eliecer, who was still grinning an hour later.

February 20, 2011 Panama's Canopy Tower Jan 29—Feb 05, 2011 Kevin Zimmer, VENT

No two birding trips to a tropical country are ever the same. The combination of a highly diverse avifauna and the subtly intertwined complexities of ever-changing weather patterns (wet versus dry seasons and their duration and onset) and how that influences fruiting cycles, flowering cycles, and insect abundance makes for a lot of intangibles and unpredictability. However, regardless of the specifics, you know that you'll be treated to a lot of great birds and natural history. Our tour typified both the unpredictable and the predictable aspects of birding in the Neotropics.

December 27, 2010 Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge Nov 06—13, 2010 Barry Zimmer, VENT

A rainbow of colors swirled around the feeders in front of us. Powder-blue Blue-gray Tanagers were everywhere (over 40 at one time). Unbelievably red Crimson-backed Tanagers with their silvery bills provided stunning contrast, as did the velvety-black and yellow of the Flame-rumped Tanagers. Tiny Thick-billed Euphonias decked out in indigo and egg yolk-yellow flitted about every tray. Red-legged Honeycreepers, Streaked and Buff-throated saltators, Palm and Dusky-faced tanagers, Red-crowned Ant-Tanagers, a pair of Red-crowned Woodpeckers, Bananaquits, and Clay-colored Thrushes—where to look first?

December 01, 2010 Fall at Panama's Canopy Tower Oct 16—23, 2010 by Barry Zimmer, VENT

A river of raptors. As far as the eye could see, boiling kettles of Turkey Vultures, Swainson's Hawks, and Broad-winged Hawks filled the sky in a 360-degree circle around the top of the Canopy Tower observation deck. It seemed impossible, yet everywhere you looked from the ground to the highest level of the sky, from directly overhead to the greatest distance the eye can see, from left to right there were raptors.

September 21, 2010 PANAMA Canopy Tower & Lodge TRIP REPORT August 24 - September 3, 2010 Gina Nichol and Steve Bird of Sunrise Birding

Most of the group arrived late in the evening except from Allan and Janice who were already enjoying Panama on their own for a couple of days. Steve, Christian, Carol and Leonard were on the same flight with Miss Panama whose adoring fans kept them entertained while they waited for their transfer to Canopy Tower.

July 29, 2010 Panama Green Season - Short Trip Report Peter Chadwick

We went to Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, both in central Panama, on a “special deal” of $1995 per person. We had an excellent two weeks, which we thought was very good value.

June 27, 2010 Canopy Lodge: Panama Birding Perfection Mike Bergin 10,000 Birds

My June 2010 trip to Panama was perfect and unforgettable in so many ways. I was in Panama as a guest of Raúl Arias de Para, the visionary who founded both the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. My first morning in Panama was enjoyed at the Tower but I actually got to know the lodge first. Let me assure you, the Canopy Lodge is the consummate Neotropical ecolodge, endowed with everything a birder or nature lover could ask for!

May 31, 2010 Panama Tour Ken Wilson, Talon Tours

Toward the end of the month of May, my wife, Becky and I made a short visit to Panama as guests of Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge...

May 12, 2010 Our Inaugural Mammal Tour Jose R. Soto, Canopy Tower Family

Today the group arrived to Panama at about 6:00 pm and then they were transferred to Canopy Tower, 45 minutes away from the international airport.

May 06, 2010 Naturetrek, Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge, 28 April - 6 May, 2010
After arriving around midnight to a little light rain and distant dramatic lightning, the stage was set for our first dawn and the much anticipated view over the rainforest from the Canopy Tower. However, dawn was reluctant to break due to heavy rain and low cloud, and any birdsong had to compete with the accompanying thunder. The first bird then was viewed from indoors with the accolade going to the drabbish palm tanager. More inspiring fare was soon at hand with collared aracari and keel-billed toucan both visiting fruiting trees just outside the windows.

March 21, 2010 12 hours of Daylight Bill Maynard

At the suggestion of Cindy Lippincott and Bob Berman, I organized a group of friends and friends of friends, and together we explored Central Panama from 21 March to 1 April 2010 for 10 days of birding during the end of Panama's dry season...

November 30, 2009 Canopy Lodge, Fall 2009 Barry Zimmer, VENT

The scene upon arriving at the Canopy Lodge for the first time is one not soon forgotten, and this year was certainly no different.

August 18, 2009 Palomar Audubon Hal Benhan, PAS

On August 18, eight tired but happy PAS members arrived home after a 10-day trip to the Canopy Lodge and Canopy Tower in Panama...

August 10, 2009 Trip report - Green Season Enno B Ebels & R J W (Roef) Mulder

We visited both the Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge. The daily rain (Green Season!) was mostly limited to 1-2 hours around lunchtime and did not really affect birding. We recorded an impressive amount of 291 species in 9 days. In our home country The Netherlands one would need several years of active birding to get to that number!

August 10, 2009 Birds & Butterflies Michael O'Brien, VENT

Our first Central Panama: Birds & Butterflies tour proved to be a fabulous way to experience the amazing diversity that this region has to offer.

August 05, 2009 Panama Trip Report Arthur Morris

Ten happy photographers joined Linda Robbins, our assistant Rich Garrett, and me for a great trip to Panama. We spent our first three nights at Canopy Tower and our last four at Canopy Lodge...

March 01, 2009 Dutch Birding Magazine, Volume 31, No. 5, 2009 Enno B Ebels & R J W (Roef) Mulder

Elaenia, euphonia, mango, piha, plumeleteer, oropendola, saltator, schiffornis, sirystes, tityra...
They do not ring a bell? Well, all these, for many readers, unfamiliar bird names represent species
or groups of species that can all be found inPanama – together with many more! Panama
forms the land bridge connecting North and South America. Due to this position, it also connects the avifaunas of both continents and this is reflected by an impressive list of over 970 species, a list higher than those of Canada and the USA combined.

December 10, 2008 Panama Trip Report - November 21, 2008 - December 3rd, 2008 by Brad Weinert and Lynn Ferguson-Weinert

We had the opportunity to visit Panama in November and early December of this year (2008). The following is a trip report in (more or less) chronological order. I have tried to do this report more as a daily recap of the highlights from each day, areas visited, species seen, etc.

November 15, 2008 Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge Toon Vernoonij & Linda van der Maas

One of the main attractions of Panama is that it offers very good opportunities to spot a combination of neotropic bird species as well as nearctic migrants in a relatively small area. There are direct flights from Amsterdam to Panama City and there’s no need to take anti-malaria pills.

April 06, 2008 Panama is more than a canal Bill Maynard

An ABA Century Club Introduction to Neotropical Birding

Fifteen members of the American Birding Association’s Century Club and I have returned from our 29 March–6 April adventure to the tropical lowlands and foothills of central Panama.
Five talented young bilingual Panamanian guides enthusiastically took turns sharing the wonders of their small, but incredibly bird-rich and beautiful country with the ABA donor group. The guides, all employees of either Canopy Tower or Canopy Lodge, spotted and showed us brilliantly hued birds and orchids, lizards that ran across the water, two species of sloth, a kinkajou, three species of monkeys, and for the fortunate, not one, but two jaguarundies.

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