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Canopy Tower by Ramon Lepage
Canopy Tower by Ramon Lepage

The Canopy Tower is a prime location from which to observe the birds and other wildlife of the forest canopy. Because the birds and mammals are at eye level, it is common to get fantastic views otherwise nearly impossible from the ground.

You don't have to leave the Tower to find birds, you don't even have to leave your bedroom! Tanagers and Tityras can be seen right from your window, and you don't have to worry about the rain. The dining area and the roof of the tower are better for finding elusive canopy birds, as well as Mantled Howlers, Geoffroy's Tamarins and other mammals and birds, as you can scan in all directions.

And all this without having to venture away from the Tower!

Observation deck by Alex Alba
Observation deck by Kike Calvo
Canopy Tower aerial view by Kike Calvo






“I was standing on the observation deck, a wide balcony running around the tower's 9m high geotangent dome (a variation of Bucky Fuller's famous geodesic dome), and was level with the top of the trees. Barely metres away from us was a troop of black howler monkeys. The male was greeting the day, his deafening calls a cross between a tiger in pain and the sea trapped in a cave. The females ignored him; clinging to the very tips of one of the tallest trees was a tiny baby moving about in a wobbly fashion. The females watched his every move, hands outstretched to catch him in case he fell, every so often making vain attempts to bring him down; there was a synchronous series of gasps and winces from the primates on the observation deck.”

Sanjida O’Connell
The Guardian

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Observation deck view of dawn by David Tipling
Observation deck view of dawn by David Tipling

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