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Welcome to The Canopy Lodge

Canopy Lodge 2017. Video courtesy of Victor Castroverde.


Birdcalls awaken you.

Wisps of fog arise from Cerro Gaital’s dense mountain foliage across the stream.

Inches from your bedroom window, the cloud forest canopy is riotous with early morning bird life.

Fruit, fresh-baked pastry, and hearty coffee (or tea) in hand, you sit on a veranda surrounded by hummingbirds and tanagers taking their breakfast.

Your birding guide leads you along a narrow forest trail beside the stream past a waterfall, then up into the cloud forest. The sounds and rewarding sight of new birds is constant.

At the top, a view across the valley – el Valle – opens. Far below, the bustle of an unspoiled Panamanian village beckons. Above the waterfall, the Canopy Adventure offers an unparalleled experience of life in the treetops.

With almost too much to do, you are glad to return for lunch on the veranda, to check your field guide and add to your birdlist.

The Canopy Lodge offers some of the best birding Panama has to offer, and you deserve to experience it at least once in your life.


Blue-throated Toucanet Canopy Lodge Rafael Lau
Blue-throated Toucanet, photo by Rafael Lau
Living room Canopy Lodge
Living room of the Canopy Lodge by Kike Calvo



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El Valle at dusk by Daniel Arias B.

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