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Sustainability at the Canopy B&B

View of Gamboa and the Canal from Surrounding Hills by Sara Firman


The Canopy Tower Family is committed to sustainability, to the use of "green technology" and to protection of Earth's creatures. The Canopy Bed and Breakfast in Panama is dedicated to these same values on which the Canopy Tower was founded. Some of the ways the B&B is sustainable in its operation are listed below.  If you have any suggestions on how we may improve our efforts even more, just let us know!


  • The early 1900s design of the Canopy Bed and Breakfast house is an icon of sustainability itself:

The deep eaves (reaching almost 2 meters) are designed to give shade to the windows and walls, and keep the rooms cool.

Large Windows allow maximum cross ventilation.

Interior vents also help the air to circulate.

The house is raised on stilts to help control termite invasion as well as provide air currents to flow around and under all the houses (benefitting the entire neighborhood). This is one reason we kept a wide alleyway under the house.

Wood itself does not retain heat as much as concrete, and therefore we kept all new walls on the upper floors wooden.

  • Low VOC paints were used in the restoration
  • Energy efficient appliances were installed
  • Energy efficient air conditioning units
  • High performance equipment were installed (water heaters/AC)
  • Local materials used in the restoration (for example, cement tiles in kitchen and downstairs are a local tradition – a dying art because it is so labor intensive – we wanted to support)
  • Reclaimed wood was used in the construction of the new Canopy Bed and Breakfast in Panama.
  • Energy saving CF bulbs are used in all of our light fixtures
  • Cross ventilation maintained throughout house
  • Natural insulation and sound insulation were used in new construction (recycled newspaper)
  • We participate in the local recycling effort
  • Guests of our Canopy Bed and Breakfast in Panama are immersed in the beauty of nature!


Before and after restoration


A special thanks to Cresolus Sustainable Development Company!


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