Canopy Family Panama

Featured Photos from August 2015 Newsletter

Gray-cheeked Nunlet Carlos Bethancourt
Gray-cheeked Nunlet, photo by Carlos Bethancourt
Vanilla pompona Diego Bogarin
Vanilla Orchid (Vanilla pompona), photo by Diego Bogarin
Rusted Clearwing-Satyr
Rusted Clearwing-Satyr (Cithaerias pireta), photo by Jenn Sinasac
Solar panels Canopy Camp Darien
Installing the final solar panels at the Canopy Camp, photo by Raul Arias de Para
Monarch Jenn Sinasac
Monarch butterfly seen at the BioMuseo in Panama, photo by Jenn Sinasac
Golden-green Woodpecker Ted Center
Golden-green Woodpecker, photo by Ted Center
Rainforest Ecology and Conservation tour 2015
Rainforest Ecology & Conservation tour group, July 2015

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