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View of Canopy Lodge from across Rio Guayabo
View of Canopy Lodge from across Rio Guayabo by Alex Alba


The day after I opened the Canopy Tower on January 2, 1999, I started thinking of building another lodge. I looked around the Caribbean Coast and in the shores of Gatun Lake for a couple of years and almost closed a deal on a concession with the Panama Canal Authority. I had worked very hard for this location; the approval process had cleared every hurdle and every department of the Canal Authority had approved it, the only remaining approval being that of the Board of Directors. Normally, this final step was a sure thing since only projects which had been cleared by the Administration reached the Board of Directors. However, a lawyer member of the Board threw in a monkey wrench the size of a cargo ship and the project was turned down. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and extremely frustrated. However, it was a blessing in disguise.

In view of this setback, I started considering El Valle de Anton for my second lodge. After all I owned the land, having inherited it from my father, and did not need to submit myself to the rigors of a concession process.  So I did and the rest is history. The Canopy Lodge was completed in October of 2005. Being in the foothills of Central Panama, it complements perfectly the lowlands around the Canopy Tower, and the travel time between the two lodges is only 1 3/4  hours.

"Maracas" by Daniel Arias Barakat


The Canopy Lodge is a full service lodge specializing in nature tourism, particularly birds. It's one of the best sites for Panama birding anywhere in the country. It is about 60 miles west of Panama City in the picturesque village of El Valle de Anton, right in the center of a gigantic crater of an extinct volcano. This is the largest inhabited crater in the Western Hemisphere and second only to the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It is surrounded by the Cerro Gaital Natural Monument.

The lodge consists of 12 bedrooms, an open living/dining room (with WiFi Internet), a well-stocked library with natural history books, and bird guides from several countries of Latin America ready to give you some of the best birding tours in Panama.

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