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Canopy Lodge
Canopy Lodge by Alex Alba

The quality of the food and furnishings here is surpassed only by the supernatural skills of the guides. Your unwavering commitment to hospitality and ecological consciousness has made the CANOPY name synonymous with the very best of Panamanian birding. Raul and Co., thank you for everything. I feel privileged to have been your guest. Many thanks,

Mike Bergin, 10,000 Birds

Denise and Raul,
The rooms, grounds, food, bird feeders and staff are all outstanding. We saw some excellent birds during our four-day visit, with the Black-crowned Antpitta at the very top of my list..five glorious minutes of front and back views, from about fifteen feet away...awesome!

Jeri Langhan, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

Raul and Denise
After many trips to Panama and the Canopy Tower it was a joy and a real treat to see the Canopy Lodge and spend time with both of you. I look forward to many more visits.

John Coons, Field Guides

Nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano and surrounded by jagged ridges and hills, the lodge offers great birding and luxury accommodations. The three forested peaks of Cerro Gaital Natural Monument loom over the valley and impart a deep sense of tranquility. The lodge grounds are teeming with birds.

Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

At the Canopy Lodge each day is pleasantly cool early and late, and pleasantly warm mid-day. The habitats are varied, the birds diverse and numerous, the accommodations extremely comfortable and tastefully appointed, and the food tasty and creative.

Field Guides

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