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Canopy Lodge by Kike Calvo
Canopy Lodge by Kike Calvo

" ...certain to become part of the standard Panama birding circuit."

Robert S. Ridgely
author: Birds of Panama, Birds of Ecuador and Birds of South America

"...lovely rooms, excellent food and fascinating wildlife."

Sir David Attenborough

"...grand in conception ...superbly realized..."

John Rowlett, Founder, FIELD GUIDES

"...exceeded all expectations ...beautifully done ...everything is first class"

Barry Zimmer
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

Raul and Denise
Thank you for our time here at Canopy Lodge. It is an extraordinary place with such lovely people running it. We hope to be back very soon,

Angelina Jolie

We have come to believe we have found the soul of Panama in your family and your lovely place. Thank you for the experience.
Much love,

Brad Pitt, Global Nomads

Of all the places I have wandered through in my well-traveled life, I have never found a place that produced such a sense of peace and serenity. My days were joyful, my nights restful and soothed by the sounds of the water, the forest and the birds. The staff were gracious; Raul and Denise, the kindest of hosts. It will be my pleasure to return.

Drew Lebby, International Consultant

Martha and I deeply appreciated your hospitality and how much you are doing to promote conservation throughout not only Panama but also all of the neotropics. The Canopy Lodge is a superb facility. The staff is attentive to all details and the guides are second to none. It has been a unique pleasure to be here.
Oh  the birds  just great!!!

John Kricher
Author, A Neotropical Companion

A beautiful place! I cant think of a nicer place to spend a Christmas holiday- and we had some very nice Christmas presents too, including a Black-crowned Antpitta and a Snowcap and fig trees bursting with tanagers.
It couldnt have been better.

Steve Hilty, Author, The Birds of Colombia, The Birds of Venezuela, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

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