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Shining Honeycreeper
Cyanerpes lucidus


Shining Honeycreeper
Female Shining Honeycreeper by Arthur Morris

The Shining Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes lucidus) is a small bird in the tanager family.  It is found in the tropical New World in Central America from southern Mexico to Panama and northwest Colombia.  It is sometimes considered to be conspecific with the Purple Honeycreeper (C. caeruleus), but the two species breed sympatrically in eastern Panama and northwest Colombia.

This is a forest canopy species, but also occurs in forest edges and secondary growth.  The female builds a shallow cup nest in a tree, and incubates the clutch of two eggs.  The Shining Honeycreeper is 10 cm long, weighs 11 g and has a long black decurved bill.  The male is purple-blue with black wings, tail and throat, and bright yellow legs.  The female has green upperparts, a greenish-blue head, buff throat and buff-streaked bluish underparts.  The immature is similar to the female, but is greener on the head and breast.

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