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Rates for the Canopy Adventure

 Spike moss, Selaginella by Daniel Arias Barakat
Spike moss, Selaginella by Daniel Arias Barakat

Full Tour: $65

This is our bread and butter Panama adventure tour. It consists of a 20-min nature hike with great opportunities to see the wildlife of the area. There are plenty of wildflowers, butterflies, birds and mammals on the way! Once at the top you begin the Canopy Adventure, zipping down 4 different lines until reaching the bottom of the Chorro El Macho. While zipping over the river, we stop and dangle you right over the falls (see picture below), the perfect spot to capture awesome pictures, so bring your pocket camera!


Beginners Tour: $20

This zip line canopy tour was designed for budget-minded or time-constrained customers. It consists of the last zip line of the full tour and should not take more than 30 minutes. It is sure to give you a real taste of zip-lining!


Use of the Natural Swimming Pool $5

The natural swimming pool is fed by the river and is a great way to sit and relax under the refreshing river water!


Entrance to el Chorro Macho $5

The income produced by the entrance fee to the Chorro Macho is used to maintain and conserve the surrounding cloud forest, a unique and special habitat that is in decline in the Neotropics.


All prices are listed in $USD and include 7% taxes.  

Dangling from the cable by Alex Alba
Dangling from the cable by Alex Alba

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