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Natural Swimming Pool

Raúl on the Rope by Kike Calvo
Raúl on the Rope by Kike Calvo


A swimming area in an idyllic tropical setting can be found in the gardens of the Lodge.  Created by diverting crystal-clear water from the nearby Guayabo River, this pool has a year-round temperature of 76F—quite a welcome respite if you have been doing some heavy birding or hiking on our nature trails.

No water treatment is necessary here, as fresh water is constantly entering, and a natural drain sends water back into the river down stream!

Depth varies from 3-4 feet at the beginning to 6-7 feet in other portions, and an inviting overhanging tree with ropes completes the scene.  You can swing from these ropes gracefully like a monkey or you can fall in the water like a ripe papaya.









Natural Swimming PoolTree House by Alex Alba


Natural Swimming Pool by Kike Calvo                                    Tree House by Alex Alba

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