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Natural Swimming Pool

Raúl on the Rope by Kike Calvo
Raúl on the Rope by Kike Calvo


A natural swimming area in an idyllic tropical setting can be found in the gardens of the Canopy Lodge, making this one of the most intriguing spots at any El Valle, Panama hotel. Created by diverting crystal-clear water from the nearby Guayabo River, this pool has a year-round temperature of 76F—quite a welcome respite if you have been doing some heavy birding or hiking on our nature trails.

No water treatment is necessary here, as fresh water is constantly entering, and a natural drain sends water back into the river down stream!

Depth varies from 3-4 feet at the beginning to 6-7 feet in other portions, and an inviting overhanging tree with ropes completes the scene.  You can swing from these ropes gracefully like a monkey or you can fall in the water like a ripe papaya.









Natural Swimming PoolTree House by Alex Alba


Natural Swimming Pool by Kike Calvo                                    Tree House by Alex Alba

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