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Location of the Canopy Tower

View of Panama City from the Canopy Tower by David Tipling
View of Panama City from the Canopy Tower by David Tipling


The Canopy Tower is located in impressive rainforest atop Semaphore Hill within Soberanía National Park, 35 miles north of Panamá City in the Republic of Panamá right in the center of the New World— and just 2½ hours from Miami! It's one of best locations for birding lodges in Panama.

Panamá's shape creates a natural funnel, concentrating migratory birds on a narrow isthmus— land that the birds desperately need for rest and to refuel before continuing their long journey. At peak times of the year, this migration is a spectacle rivaled by none in the World! An incredible 970+ species of birds have been recorded from this country that is not even the size of South Carolina!

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A closer look shows the Canopy Tower is completly surrounded by the forest of Soberania National Park.

It is said that the three most important factors for the success of an entreprise are: location, location, location!

We are certainly well located for a nature lodge!

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For detailed directions to the Canopy Tower, please review the document below.

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This video shows some of the beauty of our beloved country, the Republic of Panama.

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