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Mantled Howler Monkey by Cedric Ng
Mantled Howler Monkey by Cedric Ng



Following you will find a list of books available in the Canopy Tower private library


A01 Guide to the birds of Mexico and Northern Central America Steves N.G. Howell and Sophie Webb
A02 Birds Of Mexico Emmet Reid Blake
A03 A Field Guide to Mexican Birds Peterson & Chaft
A04 Birds of Guatemala Hugh C. Land
A05 Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica Stiles, Skutch and Gardner
A06 The Birds of Panama Robert S. Ridgely
A07 The Birds of the Republic of Panamá (Part 1) Alexander Wetmore
A08 The Birds of the Republic of Panamá (Part 2) Alexander Wetmore
A09 The Birds of the Republic of Panamá (Part 3) Alexander Wetmore
A10 Birds Of Colombia Steven L. Hilty & William L. Brown
A11 Birds of Venezuela Hilty
A12 Aves de la Sabana de Bogota Asociacion Bogotana de Ornitologia
A13 The Birds of Ecuador: Field Guide Robert S. Ridgely
A14 The Birds of Ecuador: Status, Distribution, and Taxonomy Robert S. Ridgely
A15 A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru Clements Shany
A16 The Birds of South America (Vol. I) Robert S. Ridgely
B01 The Birds of South America (Vol. II) Robert S. Ridgely
B02 Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba Stan Tekiele
B03 A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies Herbert Raffaele, et al
B04 A Field Guide to the Western Birds Robert Troy Peterson
B05 Birds of Minesota Stan Tekiele
B06 Birds of North America National Geographic Society
B07 All the Birds of North America American Bird Conservancy's Field Guide
B08 The Sibley Guide to Birds Sibley
B09 Birds of North America Kenn Kaufman
B10 Birds of Europe Lars Svensson
B11 Owls: A Guide to the Owls of the World Konig Weick Becking
B12 Birds of the World James F. Clements
B13 Aves del Llano Thomas McNich & F. Gary Stiles
B14 Guide to the Birds of Alaska Robert H. Amstrong
B15 Herons & Egrets of the World James Hancock
B16 Hummingbirds: The Sun Catchers Jeff and April Sayre
B17 Warblers Jon Dunn/Kimball Garett
B18 Chasing Warblers Vera and Bob Thornton
B19 Life of a Tanager Alexander F. Skutch
B20 Fascination With Falcons: A Biologist's Adventures from Greenland to the Tropics Bill Burnham
B21 How to Know the Birds Roger Tory Peterson
B22 Taxonomy and Geographical Distribution of the Furnariidae Charles Vaurie
B23 Where Have All the Birds Gone? John Terborgh
B24 Birds of Tropical America Steven Hilty
B25 Birding Basics Sandy Cortright
B26 Birdwatching Dr. Janann V. Jenner
B27 Behavior and Evolution of Birds Douglas W. Mock
B28 Diary of a Left-Handed Birdwatcher Leonard Nathan
B29 Lords of the Air Jake Page & Eugene S. Morton
B30 The Art of Bird Photography Arthur Morris
B31 Hummingbirds: Jewels on Air Melanie Votaw
C01 STRI Contributions to Research (1990- Vol. I) Compiled by Maria Luz Calderon
C02 STRI Contributions to Research (1990- Vol II) Compiled by Maria Luz Calderon
C03 STRI Contributions to Research (1990- Vol. III) Compiled by Maria Luz Calderon
C04 STRI Contributions to Research (1993- Vol I) Smithsonian Institute
C05 STRI Contributions to Research (1993- Vol II) Smithsonian Institute
C06 STRI Contributions to Research (1993-Vol III) Smithsonian Institute
C07 STRI Contributions to Research (1994- Vol I) Smithsonian Institute
C08 STRI Contributions to Research (1994- Vol II) Smithsonian Institute
C09 STRI Contributions to Research (1994- Vol III) Smithsonian Institute
C10 STRI Contributions to Research (1994- Vol IV) Smithsonian Institute
C11 The Nature of Massachutes Massachusetts Audubon Society
C12 America's Smithsonian: Celebrating 150 Years Smithsonian Institute
C13 Central America: A Natural and Cultural History Anthony G. Coates
C14 Programa de Áreas Importantes para Aves George R. Angehr & Osvaldo Jordan
C15 Trópico: Visiones de la Naturaleza Colombiana Aldo Brando
C16 The Rainforests: A Celebration Living Earth Foundation
C 17 A Field Guide to the Families and Genera of Woody Plants of Northwest South America Alwyn H. Gentry
C18 Life at the Top Michael John and Working Man John
C19 Ecología de un bosque Tropical Egbert G. Leigh, Donald Windsor
C20 Tropical Forest Ecology Egbert Giles Leigh JR.
C21 A Neotropical Companion John Kricher
C22 Latin Names Explained A. F. Gotch
D01 Conservation Panama Panama Conservation and Ecoturism Workshop
D02 The High Frontier: Exploring the Tropical Rainforest Canopy Mark W. Moffett
D03 Diversity and the Tropical Rain Forest John Terborgh
D04 Lessons of the Rain forest Norman Myers, Randall Hayer
D05 Phylogeny and Classification of the Orchid Family Robert L. Dressler
D06 A History of the Orchid Merle A. Reinikka
D07 Animal Minds Donald R. Griffin
D08 Splendid Isolation: The Curious History of South American Mammals George Gaylord Simpson
D09 Game Wars Mark Reisner
D10 Silent Spring Rachel Carson
D11 Origins Reconsidered: In Search of What Makes Us Human Richard Leakey & Roger Lewin
D12 Amphibians & Reptiles in 3-D Mark Blum
D13 Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature Harry W. Greene
D14 Snake: The Essential Visual Guide to the World of Snakes Chris Mattison
D15 U.S. Army Survival Manual Headquaters, Department of the Army
D16 A Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica Twen Leenders
D17 Mariposas de Colombia Jesus Velez & Julian Salazar
D18 The Butterflies of Costa Rica (Vol. I) Philip J. DeVries
D19 The Butterflies of Costa Rica (Vol. II) Philip J. DeVries
D20 Los anfibios del Monumento Natural Barro Colorado, Parque Nacional Soberania Y Áreas Adyacentes Roberto Ibañez D., A. Stanley Rand & Cesar A. Jaramillo A
D21 Costa Rican Natural History Daniel H. Janzen
D22 A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America & Southeast Mexico Fiona Reid
D23 Neotropical Rainforest Mammals Louis H. Emmons
D24 Neotropical Rainforest Mammals II Louis H. Emmons
D25 A Guide to The Carnivores of Central America Carlos de la Rosa
D26 Through a Window Jane Goodall
D27 The Great Exotic Fruit Book Norman Van Aken with John Harrison
D28 Animal Watching: A New Guide to the Animal World Desmond Morris
E01 The Naturalist Journal Sky Watching The Nature Company
E02 Stars & Planets: A Viewer's Guide Gunter D. Roth
E03 Night Sky Discovery Channel
E04 Practical Skywatching David H. Levey
E05 Deep-Sky Companions: The Messier Objects O'Meara
E06 Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide Moche
E07 A Field Guide to Stars and Planets Jay M. Pasachoff
E08 Atlas of Birds Migration Thomas E. Lovejoy
E09 Primates Barbara Steeper
E10 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds Dr Christopher M. Perrins
E11 Army Ant Parade April Sayre
E13 The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Joshua Piven, D. Borgenicht
F01 Path Between The Seas/td> David MaCullough
F02 Raiders and Rebels: The Golden Age of Piracy Frank Sherry
F03 Rails Across Panama Joseph L. Shott
F04 Notas Sobre Geografía Política de Panamá Magda A. Paredes de Arrieta, Carlos R.
F05 Naturalistas del Istmo de Panama
F06 Panamá: Evaluación de Sostenibilidad Nacional Charlotte Elton
F07 Hombres y Ecologia en Panama
F08 Fenwick Travers and the Panama Canal Raymond M. Saunders
F09 A People Who Would Not Kneel James Howe
F10 A Birders Field Checklist of The Birds of Panama Dodge Engleman, Horace Loffin
F11 Panamá Marc Rigole, Claude Vactor Langlois
F12 Lonely Planet Panamá Scott Dogget
F13 Adventures in Nature Panama William Friar
F14 Defendamos Isla Margarita Gloria Batista de Vega
F15 Panamá Guía de Compras y Turismo
F16 Conservation Panama Panama Conservation and Ecotourism Workshop
F17 Palacio de las Garzas
F18 Panama Now Kenneth J. Jones
F19 Panama National Parks Juan Carlos Navarro
F20 Panamá Hoy Kenneth J. Jones
F21 Panamá Linda O Bryan, Hans Zaglitsch
F22 Así fue el Fraude Raúl Arias de Para
F23 Birding in Venezuela Mary Lou Goodwin
F24 Spiders and Their Kin LEVI/LEVI
F25 Areas importantes para Aves en Panama George R. Angehr
F26 The Birdwatcher's Handbook: A Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland Jonathan Elphick
F27 Best Birdwatching sites in Norfolk Neil Glenn
F28 BIRDS: The Art of Ornithology Jonathan Elphick
F29 The National Parks and Other Wild Places of Britain & Ireland Jonathan Elphick, David Tipling, David Bellamy
F30 Panamá, El Casco Antiguo Edicion Especial
F31 Monaco & Its Princes Alain Decaux
F32 Diccionario Práctico I-E, E-I Puigpinós & Chamberlain


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