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Zip Line by Alex Alba
Zip Line by Alex Alba

1. What is the cost of the Canopy Adventure?

If you come to El Valle on your own, the cost of our Zipline adventure tours is only US $65.00 per person. We also offer a day visit to El Valle. The cost is $180 per person (minimum 2 person) and includes transportation to and from Panama City, the Canopy Adventure zip-line tour, a visit to the local museum (archeological and anthropological exhibits), and a stop for lunch (lunch is not included in the price). Please inquire about group rates.

2. What is the best day/time to do the Tour?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each alternative. For example, during the week there are very few people, and so you can stay longer on each of the platforms -- you will have the place practically to yourselves... but you miss the Sunday Market, an activity in the center of El Valle which brings artisans from all the surrounding communities to offer their products. Early in the morning (7am) is the best time to see wildlife, but you have to leave Panama City very early to get to El Valle in time. In conclusion, every day and time is good, and your choice will depend on what is important to you. Call us for help making your decision on our zipline adventure tours.

3. What should I bring?

Long pants, sneakers or hiking boots, a small towel and an extra shirt (in case it rains). Of course, bring your camera. We provide insect repellent.

4. What times are the tours?

The zipline adventure tours open at 8AM and remain open until 4PM. After this time it gets a little dark inside the forest. We are open every day of the year.

5. Should I make reservations or is this tour on a first come first served basis?

It is always better to make reservations, especially if you want to come on weekends or during the peak season (December - April).

6. How long does the tour last?

The duration of our zipline adventure tours is about 1.5 hours, depending on how many people are in your group and how fast you want to get to the first platform. The first part of the tour is a guided hike through the rain forest up the mountain to platform #1. This hike can take 30-45 minutes, depending on your condition and your desire to go slow and see all that the forest has to offer. People seeking the thrill of "flying" through the forest may go faster, while others will enjoy the opportunity to learn about our cloud forest from our experienced guides. If you want the best learning experience with the most time in the forest and in the platforms, it is best for you to come during the week when there are fewer visitors and the guides can give you more of their time.

7. How do I get to the Canopy Adventure after I reach El Valle?

When you get to El Valle, drive about 200 meters past the Church on the main road, then take a right. After about 50 meters, there is a bridge. Immediately after the bridge, bear right and follow this road about 1.5 kms. You'll go over another bridge (Puente Dona Chabela) enter the Ecological Refuge (Refugio Ecologico), where several yellow signs indicate that you have entered a protected area. About 600 meters further on you will see two ranchos on the left side with signs of The Canopy Adventure. This is it, my friend! Get ready to rock!!

The road was just paved all the way to the Refuge and there are plenty of signs for Chorro El Macho, the waterfall where the Canopy Adventure is located. In the unlikely event you lose your bearings, ask anybody for Chorro El Macho, because it's a favorite local spot and everybody knows where it is.

8. I understand I will be in a harness swinging from cables strung between trees high in the air. How safe is this?

This is one of the safest adventure rides in the world. We impose a weight limit of 200 pounds to protect the trees. The cables hold 6 tons and the harnesses are rated for 2 tons.

9. What is the minimum age for the zip-line?

You must be 6 years old to do the zip-line.

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