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Day Visits

Geoffroy's Tamarin by David Tipling, taken from the dining room of the Canopy Tower.
Geoffroy's Tamarin by David Tipling, taken from the dining room of the Canopy Tower.


Visit the Canopy Tower

* All of our bird watching tours are led by experienced, bilingual, birding/nature guides who carry Leica binoculars and a Leica scope.

* Our groups are a maximum of 8 birders and one guide.

* Our Panama day tours include one delicious meal, entrance fee to Soberanía National Park, and use of the Canopy Tower's Observation Deck where our guides will help you identify wildlife.

* Please note that our Panama day tours are subject to guide and space availability and we will do our best to accommodate outside visitors to the Canopy Tower; however, priority for spaces in wildlife tours is given to lodge guests.  



2018-2019 Rates
US$ per person (+ taxes)


The Awakening of the Rainforest (6:30 am—Noon) $130

Dawn is the most active period of the day for most wildlife of the forest. You definitely want to be up early on the Observation Deck, 50 feet above the forest floor, to experience the peaceful sunrise over the Pacific, to hear the thundering bellows of the Mantled Howlers proclaiming their territory and to be amazed at the incredible diversity of birds as they begin their never-ending search for food! After a hearty deluxe breakfast, join one of our guides for a 3-4-hour guided walk along Semaphore Hill Road, where you will experience even more of the magnificent wildlife of the tropical rainforest!


Lunch on Top of the Hill (Noon—6:00 pm) $130

Mid-day is the best time to see birds of prey (raptors) as they ride thermals, soaring effortlessly high in the sky. In the Northern Hemisphere's fall and spring seasons, the Observation Deck offers an extraordinary vantage point to witness hundreds of thousands of hawks and vultures flying en masse on their annual migration. From the Observation Deck you may see Blue Cotingas, Keel-billed Toucans, Green Shrike-Vireos, Mantled Howlers, Geoffroy's Tamarins, Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloths or Brown-throated Three-toed Sloths and Green Iguanas basking on a Cecropia branch! After a delicious lunch, join one of our guides for a 2-3-hour guided walk** to one of the fantastic nearby birding destinations. We often spot manakins, antbirds, tinamous, sloths, coatis, agoutis and an amazing abundance of butterflies and other insects on these bird watching tours.

**Please note the afternoon guided tour begins at 3:00 pm. Prior to these wildlife tours, you are welcome to enjoy the observation deck and hummingbird feeders at your leisure.

Birders along Semaphore Hill Road
Birders along Semaphore Hill Road by David Tipling


If joining us for a day visit, please bring: 

- a water bottle
- closed hiking shoes
- sun protection (hat and sunscreen)
- binoculars and camera 

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