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Canopy Family's Green Commitment

Cloud forest in El Valle by David Tipling
Cloud forest in El Valle by David Tipling
Raul Arias de Para
Raul Arias de Para


Living Sustainably is our commitment


"Why are you in this business?" I am often asked, and my reply is always the same: "I chose this work because I love nature."

In order to make our actions consistent with our love of nature, we must do all we can to protect the global ecosystem.  We do this by examining all aspects of the Canopy Family business (and in our personal lives) and determine which areas can be done in a more sustainable fashion.  I have seen how difficult it is to put these practices to work in an often wasteful culture and know first-hand that progress can be slow.  Fortunately, I have an opportunity to voice the importance of living sustainably on a national scale by being Vice President of ANCON, the oldest and most important conservation organization in Panama; President of Fundacion AVIFAUNA, Creator and Operator of the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center on Pipeline Road; and Board Member of ADESVA, a local conservation and community organization in El Valle de Anton.

At the Canopy Tower and the Canopy Lodge, here are some of the things we do to "walk our talk":

Reducing our use of resources

*Toilets use only 1.6 gallons per flush, compared to the typical 5 gallons

*We take care to educate our guests about our efforts to conserve water and energy, and invite them to join in this endeavor

*Most of our light bulbs are energy-saving compact fluorescents, saving 80% over conventional incandescent bulbs

*We use light sparingly and have eliminated most of the perimeter lighting around the Canopy Tower

*We buy food and supplies in bulk to reduce packaging materials, especially plastic

*The soap in guest rooms is served by a dispenser, not from throw-away plastic bottles

*Linens and towels are not changed daily, except by request; they are changed every three days

*We do not use air conditioning; ceiling fans suffice

Re-using & recycling resources

*Water from showers and washbasins (grey water) in the Canopy Tower is reused in the gardens

*All organic waste is composted and reused in the gardens

*The wooden floor of the Canopy Lodge’s library is Manilkara zapota (known as Níspero or Sapodilla), salvaged from the old Panamá Railroad ties

*The Administrator's desk and reception counter at the Canopy Tower were salvaged from old Panamá Canal Zone houses

*The Canopy Tower itself is a perfect example re-use: by finding an innovative use for a surplus defense installation

*The iron structure on the outdoor deck at the Canopy Tower was recycled from the old Panamá Railway's rails

*The marble floors in the Canopy Tower’s bathrooms were salvaged from a refurbishing project in Panamá City

*Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are collected and sold to a recycler

*Wood in the bedrooms at the Canopy Tower is from a sustainably-managed teak plantation.


It is our sincere hope our guests will join us in applying some of these principles to their daily lives.  If you can think of ways we could improve, please let us know!

Abandoned radar tower before being recycled into the Canopy Tower
Abandoned radar tower before being recycled into the Canopy Tower

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