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Canopy Camp Darien Birding Vehicles

Red-throated Caracara
Red-throated Caracara by Cindy Beckman

During a stay at Canopy Camp Darien, we will be visiting great birding locations away from the immediate camp area.  In order to experience the best birding possible away from the camp, we have a specially modified vehicle to offer you the best views of the birdlife of the Darién!

We go on birding trips aboard our special Canopy Camp Birdmobile, "El Arpia." This vehicle is similar to the Rainfomobile and Birdmobile beloved by guests at the Canopy Tower; however, since the Darién terrain is a little more rugged, "El Arpia" is a modified 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser, which offers the height and durability to deal with the local dirt roads, while providing our guests a secure ride and excellent views from the seating area in the back.  Our Canopy Camp Birdmobile carries up to 10 birders, and we use it to transport groups to some of the great birding areas we visit.   







Canopy Camp Birding Vehicle
Canopy Camp Darien Birdmobile "El Arpia"

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