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Spectacled Parrotlet
Spectacled Parrotlet by Cindy Beckman
Canopy Camp TripAdvisor

We were fortunate enough to be able to visit the Canopy Camp with our group in July [2013]. The campsite still had a lot of work to be done at that point, but some of the tents had been installed and we were able to see what the accommodations will be like when the camp opens. The tents are spacious with a beautiful teak floor and huge deck overlooking the protected forest (Filo del Tallo Hydrological Reserve) that surrounds the campsite. The attached bathrooms are lovely with showers that bring the outdoors in. We weren't able to walk many of the trails because of the rainy weather on the day of our visit, but we had a small taste of what the birding will be like in the short time we were there. Barred Puffbirds in the branches over the deck, Pale-bellied Hermits flitting among the flowers, Rufous-tailed Jacamar within a few hundred feet of the tents, to name but a few. Add to this the great birding in the general vicinity of the camp at places like El Salto Road, Nuevo Bijao and Yaviza, and it's easy to see why we can hardly wait to take our next group to stay at the Canopy Camp this spring!

Jim & Cindy Beckman
Owners, Cheepers! Birding on a Budget

We were looking forward to staying at the Canopy Camp this summer, however the camp was not yet completed. We did spend part of a day at the camp and were impressed that it will be a splendid place to both lodge and to see birds not found in other parts of Panama. During our day at the camp and in the surrounding areas we added several birds to our life lists even though we had birded in Panama previously. We ate a couple of delicious meals at the camp and felt that it will be a most unique and rewarding place to board and bird! We felt the Canopy Family provides outstanding services and experiences at all their locations.

Georgene and Bob Bond

I was fortunate to spend three days at the Canopy Camp in late-January as the construction of the site was coming along nicely. Raul and Nando Quiroz were excellent hosts as I explored the birding sites in the surrounding Darien lowlands keying on the local specialties. Waking up in the very comfortable safari tent to the sound of Great Tinamous, Red-lored Parrots and Barred Puffbirds was fantastic. Nandos Trail, which loops through nice forest past many incredibly large Cuipo trees, was completed while I was there and we found Golden-headed Manakins to be numerous. Nando spotted a perched Semiplumbeous Hawk before we walked back to camp where Pale-bellied Hermits visited the feeders and Gray-cheeked Nunlet and Red-rumped Woodpecker were in the trees near the tent platforms. Both King Vulture and Short-tailed Hawk circled overhead during lunch. Within a short drive of the Canopy Camp I saw Golden-green Woodpecker, Double-banded Graytail and Black Oropendola, quite local birds in Panama that I had only seen before in quite difficult to access localities. This is the perfect spot to enjoy so many highlight birds in such comfort in a previously remote location. I look forward to visiting the Canopy Camp many times and cant wait to have a glass of wine on the veranda of the dining room that I have only seen in blueprints.

John Coons
Tour Leader, Field Guides


Luxury meets wilderness, as only the Canopy Family can imagine. The Canopy Camp surpassed our expectations for comfort and put us in position to visit birding sites that harbor species that are only seen in Panama if you visit the Darien. Even the tour leaders, veterans of 16 Panama birding tours, saw lifers on our first Darien excursion with Carlos in 2013. Red-throated Caracara, Double-banded Graytail, Black-capped Donocobius, Chestnut-fronted Macaw, Slate-throated Gnatcatcher are but a few of the specialties you might encounter while staying at the new Canopy Camp.

Jim & Cindy Beckman
Owners, Cheepers! Birding on a Budget

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