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At Canopy Camp Darien, most of the birding is done at ground level.  The camp itself is situated on a small plateau in this section of lowland rainforest, sculpted by slow-moving streams in the forest below.  To get you up off the ground for better views, each tent is constructed on its own observation deck to provide an opportunity to get our eyes and scopes a little higher.  Each and every observation deck offers beautiful views of the surrounding forest, just as you step outside of your tent. From here, we can set up our scopes and enjoy our morning coffee and some of the best bird watching in Panama, or enjoy a cool drink in the afternoon among picturesque views of the forests of Darién.


Canopy Camp Observation Deck
Private Tent Deck overlooking the vast forest below, photo by Lee Dalton
White-headed Wren
White-headed Wren, a common resident at the Canopy Camp. Photo by Rick Kirwan.

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