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Location: Darién

Darién, the easternmost province of Panama, is one of the least visited and most revered areas for birding and wildlife watching in Central America.  It is literally the end of the highway in Panama – the Pan-American Highway, which extends from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, with only one small gap between Panama and Colombia.  The highway reaches its end in Central America in Yaviza, the cultural center of the Darién.  From there on to the edge of South America is vast, largely uncrossable lowland, foothills, highland rainforest and dry forest, intertwining rivers, mangroves and beaches.  This stretch, known as the Darién Gap, is protected in large part by Central America’s largest national park, Darién National Park, and is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Our Canopy Camp in Darién, Panama is a birder’s paradise. The protected Darién jungle provides a stronghold for Great Green Macaw, Great Curassow and the majestic Harpy Eagle, Panama’s national bird, as well as other endangered wildlife including Colombian Spider Monkey, Baird’s Tapir and America’s most powerful cat, the Jaguar. Some of Panama’s endemic species, such as the Pirre Warbler, Pirre Bush-Tanager and Beautiful Treerunner, are only found here in the far reaches of the Darién Province.   

The people of the Embera-Wounaan and Guna, as well as of Caribbean descent and Latino communities, make their living and call Darién their home.  The largest Comarcas (reserves) of the Embera-Wounaan people are located here. Indigenous communities are scattered throughout the Darién jungle and along the riversides of Darién.

Our Canopy Camp in Darién Panama is located two kilometers off the Pan-American Highway, bordering the eastern side of Serrania Filo del Tallo Hydrological Reserve, approximately 20 km beyond the town of Metetí, and approximately 1 hour from the end of the road in Yaviza. Our location, next to the protected forest of the Filo del Tallo Hydrological Reserve (65,000 acres), contributes to the conservation of this important area as our presence is a deterrent to poachers and loggers. This reserve also provides us with ready access to jungle trails through mature forest and its wildlife.

Explore the map below to view the location of the Canopy Camp and our other ecolodges. 

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Driving Directions to the Canopy Camp

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