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Specialized Birding Vehicles

Semiplumbeous Hawk by Cedric Ng
Semiplumbeous Hawk by Cedric Ng
The Rainfomobile in Pipeline Rd
The Birdmobile in Pipeline Rd


The Canopy Tower is located in the heart of Soberanía National Park, and virtually surrounded by the best birding spots in Central Panama. Most of these hotspots are a mere 10 minute drive (by Rainfomobile or Birdmobile, of course!) from the Tower, and others, such as the Metropolitan Nature Park or the world famous Pipeline Road, are less than half an hour away. The Canopy Tower is located on the Atlantic 

Slope, but very close to the continental divide. Therefore, it is a great place from which to get a good sense of the differences in habitat between the two slopes, and the different birds that inhabit them. We offer motorized bird watching tours for our guests to experience this unique environment.

The Bird Mobile "Shrike-Vireo" is a modified Toyota 4 x 4 pick-up truck.  It carries up to 10 birders through the most difficult terrain imaginable. Here it is shown in an easy part of Pipeline Road. The birder in the upper left-hand corner is none other than Robert S. Ridgely, famous ornithologist and author of the books, Guide to the Birds of Panama, The Birds of Ecuador and The Birds of South America.

The Rainfomobile going down Semaphore Hill Rd.


This is the Rainfomobile, "El Tinamu".  It is capable of carrying up to 14 birders over easy terrain. We use it to transport birders to the birding spots around the Canopy Tower. We also use it to bird from the road along Semaphore Hill, Old Gamboa road and other flat roads. If you look closer you will recognize the famous birder, conservationist and good friend,  Victor Emanuel, in the upper right hand corner.





In late 2014, after 14 years of service, we officially retired our Rainfomobile "El Tinamu" (above) and introduced a bigger, stronger birdmobile, "Tinamu II".  "Tinamu II" can carry up to 16 birders and is now ready for birding in Pipeline Road and at our other great birding hotspots nearby!  Here it is below with a Naturetrek group in November 2014, ready to carry them on one of our unique bird watching tours.

Tinamu II Canopy Tower
"Tinamu II" with the Naturetrek group in November 2014

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