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Panamanian mountain top retreat opens new window to magical world of hummingbirds (video)

Less than an hour's drive from the modern metropolis of Panama City is the cool, mountain area of Cerro Azul and the Chagres National Park.  Led by our guides Carlos Bethancourt and Paco Madrigal, I joined three other Northeast Ohio birders recently on a visit to the spectacular home of Jerry and Linda Harrison, retired teachers from Florida, who previously worked as naturalists with Carlos at the Canopy Tower.  The Harrisons have constructed...


Tales from the Tropics

For 10 days in late February I traded northern hemisphere winter birds for species with names like green honeycreeper, red-capped manakin, and flame-rumped tanager, as well as many other brilliantly colored tropical species.  These tropical birds were residents of Panama – that long, narrow country 2,800 miles to the south, best known for its canal...


GLOBAL BIG DAY: Birdwatchers of the World, Unite!

A joint initiative of Cornell University and the Audubon Society aims to join together scientific research and bird watching to help the conservation of birds. Panama is the first country outside of the United States selected for the project.  Since 2002, Big Day has taken place as an initiative of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (New York state). Every May 9, for a timed twenty-four hours...


Big Day Goes Global

Birders from around the world joined the Cornell Lab’s Team Sapsucker and Cornell student teams, collectively called the Redheads, to participate in the first Global Big Day for bird conservation on May 9. Birders from more than 115 countries tallied over 6,000 species for eBird—more than half the total bird species in the world.  Team Sapsucker tallied 320 species while participating in Panama...


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Militaire toren en Panama omgetoverd tot eco-hotel

National Geographic Traveler article featuring the Canopy Tower, accommodations, meals, tours and more.  The article, written in Dutch, outlines a typical day at the Canopy Tower, and is accompanied by beautiful photos. 


Birding in Darien

COPA Airlines, the national airline of Panama, recently published this article highlighting the magnificent birds of Darién in their monthly publication Panorama. This article features excursions to see some of Darién's famed birds, including Harpy and Crested eagles, all while enjoying a comfortable stay at the Canopy Camp. 


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Why Panama is the ultimate tropical paradise for nature-lovers

The Telegraph's writer Frank Gardner writes about his week at the Canopy Lodge - guided night walks and birding adventures, ultimate relaxation around the lodge, and everything that goes along with a true Panama nature experience. 


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