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Sueddeutsche Zeitung: A Man Sees Green (translation by Veit Elser)

Ornithologist and model hotel keeper Raul Arias de Para runs a hotel at the Panama canal in the rain forest: the Canopy Tower.Nothing stirs, everything is green. But Segundo Jimenez says he's seen an Iguana. With his finger he points into the ocean of treetops, and, because for the others on the observation platform of the Canopy Tower everything is still just green, he aims the telescope at a very particular square meter of rain forest. He focuses the alleged Iguana. In the viewfinder: boundless green, magnified, in many forms and shades, and in between a small brown point.


Ambassadair Travel Club: Panama's Wild Places

Every year, thousands of cruise passengers transit the Panama Canal. The eighth manmade wonder of the world holds a magical fascination for those who traverse the 50-mile waterway of intricate locks linking two oceans. But because few cruise ships stop in Panama, most never see the country’s enchanting rainforests, misty highland volcanoes, and colorful Indian cultures. For nature lovers, Panama’s untouched wild places, rich in flora and fauna, flourish just outside Panama City...


NBC: Panama sees future in ecotourism

PANAMA CANAL ZONE, Sept. 4, 1999 — When the U.S. formally hands over control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanians this December, many of the Americans who run the canal will be departing. But as they make their plans to move elsewhere, Panama is looking for ways to attract other Americans: ecotourists.


Outside Magazine: Destinations

Nowhere else on earth do the wonders of man and nature collide so abruptly as they do near the banks of the Panama Canal. From my perch atop a radar tower once used to track drug traffickers' planes, I peer out over a lush rainforest canopy that flows across lumpy green mountains. Flocks of veridian parrots buzz the treetops and disappear over the Caribbean horizon to the north...


Saint Petersburg Times: In Panama, a change of heart

SEMAPHORE HILL, Panama -- During the Cold War, the powerful radar dome atop this hill overlooking the Panama Canal was an ideal place for the U.S. military to watch out for spies and drug traffickers. How times have changed. The surveillance continues. But these days the radar station serves as an ingenious wildlife observatory for nature lovers spying on the numerous species of animals that inhabit Panama's rain forest...


Financial Times: Bird watchers on a flight path to paradise

Do not be deterred by the unwelcoming message at the gate of the Canopy Tower, one of Panama's most intriguing lodgings. "This is a US Military Defense Site," warns a sign. "It is illegal for persons not possessing a valid US-issued identification document to enter." Nor should tourists let the forbidding high wire fence come between them and a bed for the night...


The Isthmian: Raúl's Canopy Tower update

As you may recall, in the last article I mentioned that because the tower was within Soberania National Park I had to submit an environmental impact assessment to the park authorities (INRENARE) and I was still waiting for its approval to start construction. To speed up this process...


ABC Finding Your Way

Although Panama is not, as yet, a major tourist destination, you'll find plenty of ways to explore and places to stay if you visit. One of the best ways to see some of the country is with an environmental tour group. Typically, the groups offer simple lodgings and excellent guides. They also may include home-cooked meals and trips to remote places you could not otherwise reach. And some plow their proceeds back into preservation...


ABC Discovering Panama

The Gatun Locks on the Atlantic side of the canal are a fascinating place to watch giant ships traverse the canal with only a few inches to spare on either side. The awe-inspiring locks were at one time the largest manmade structure in the world. It's easy to forget that you are only 20 miles from Panama City when you're hiking through Soberania National Park serenaded by howler monkeys and birds. You'll see more rare birds than tourists-the world record bird count for a 24-hour period was established on the park's "Pipeline Road" in 1985...

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The Canopy Lodge is to birding as Las Vegas is to gambling. Visitors flock to book one of the 12 luxurious rooms, then set out on full- or half-day birding tours in El Valle de Anton, a picturesque and nature-focused community located in the heart of an extinct volcano. The property has over four acres of private trails that wind through cloud forests and waterfalls filled with wildlife and over 1,000 species of birds, including the elusive Tody Motmot and Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo...


Reise und Preise: Welcome to the Jungle 

This German travel magazine includes Canopy Tower as one of the premiere jungle hotels.  Please click on the document below for the article.  

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