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Meet Raúl Arias de Para

A Panamanian by birth and by heart, Raúl is the grandson of Don Tomás Arias, one of the Founders of the Republic of Panama. Raúl studied economics in St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia, and in the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, where he obtained an MS in 1970.



A Day at the Canopy Tower

The day begins early in the Canopy Tower. Serious birders and wildlife afficionados are awakened before sunrise by the sounds of the great Panamanian rainforest. This is the best time to watch wildlife: birds and mammals begin foraging for food, proclaiming territory...



The Canopy Tower, a Pilot Project of the TCR Alliance

On August 22, 1996 I fell in love with a building. It was not a regular run of the mill glass and concrete building; it was a steel structure, a radar tower built by the United States Air Force in 1965. It was not a spring chicken either. How can anybody in his right mind fall in love...



Cumbre Mundial del Ecoturismo

Hace más de 10 años, cuando yo me inicié en este fascinante mundo del ecoturismo que tantas satisfacciones me ha brindado, el primer objetivo que tenía en mente era la conservación del medio ambiente...


El Ecoturismo Como Actividad Empresarial

Buenos días a todos y muchas gracias a los organizadores de este evento por invitarme a compartir con Uds. mis ideas sobre el ecoturismo como actividad empresarial...



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