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BBC Science & Nature Article: The rainforest mammals of Panama

The noted biologist Dr Thomas Lovejoy remarks in the foreword to the book Tropical Nature that rainforests aren't, on first appearances, the reservoirs of diverse and colourful life that they are sometimes made out to be. His first impression on going into a rainforest just outside Belem, in Brazil, was that it is very green, quiet and still. "Little moved except ants," he wrote...


ABA's Winging It: A Week at Panama's Canopy Tower

The Canopy Tower Ecolodge in Soberania National Park, Panama, is the grand recycling project of Raul Arias de Para, businessman/politician turned ecotourist innkeeper. Built as a U.S. military radar installation in the 1960s, the tower has been transformed into a unique lodge, replete with comfortable guest rooms, dining area, library/living room, and, best of all...


Audubon: Destination: Panama -- The Route To Prosperity (excerpt)

That evening Phil and I stood on Canopy Tower's fourth-floor viewing platform and looked out over 360 degrees of jungle. Built in the 1960s to defend the canal against air raids, the radar installation's perch atop 900-foot Semaphore Hill is still commanding...


ABC Going Wild in Panama

P A N A M A C I T Y, Panama -While its neighbor to the north, Costa Rica, is the ecotourism superpower, Panama is considered by many experts to be the most biodiverse country in the Western Hemisphere...


Smithsonian Magazine: A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama Rises

As Panama seeks to diversify and improve its economy, it is looking to use the resources of its rain forests and parks and develop eco-tourism. I got a glimpse of its potential one morning at a hotel called the Canopy Tower, about 20 miles outside of Panama City in a national park called Soberanía (Sovereignty). The structure is a corrugated metal cylinder 50 feet high, painted aqua, with a yellow fiberglass sphere that looks a little like a soccer ball...


UVA Alumni Magazine: The Birdman of Panama

When Raúl Arias de Para (MS Economics '70) wants to show guests around his place, he puts on a floppy red bush hat that has faded to a soft pink. He cautions them to take a sock filled with powdered sulfur and swat it against their ankles to repel chiggers. He loads them into the back of a Toyota pickup truck...


Bob Cullen: Iraq and the Keel-Billed Toucan

If you're looking for a refuge from live television coverage of the war in Iraq, I've got a suggestion. It's called the Canopy Tower Hotel, and it's about half an hour's drive from Panama City, Panama. On the third day of the Iraqi campaign, I awoke there, got my coffee, and watched the sun rise over the Pacific. Then I watched a pair of toucans preening in a tree. It is an excellent place from which not to watch a war.


Travel and Leisure: 25 Great Ecolodges

So much depends upon a red poison dart frog. We have been in Panama only a few days, but already we're wise to the promise and peril a little jungle bling can bring. It's no secret that the country longs to tap its abundant natural resources to compete with neighboring Costa Rica on the toucan tour circuit, but Panama's campaign to become the next eco-Eden still feels a little unpolished...


Tico Times: Canopy Tower Unique by Any Definition

Glowing adjectives are bandied about with abandon when it comes to hotels and resorts. Every place, the PR mavens insist, is unique, incomparable - one-of-a-kind!! The truth is most places fail the definition of unique...


The Guardian: Wings of Desire

I staggered upstairs at seven in the morning, a good hour late and wondering why I was up so early when we were supposed to be on holiday. A very excited man pushed me in front of a telescope and there, in perfect sharp detail, was my very first blue coatinger, a rare Central American bird, with electric blue plumage. The view itself was breathtaking, rainforest as far as the eye could see, the rising sun running like a slow fuse along the length of the Panama Canal, the day's first boat sailing smoothly through the trees. We were staying in the appropriately named Canopy Tower, once a US-owned radar tower, just outside Panama City, now converted into a luxury eco-lodge.


Hartford Courant: Whether You Love The Beach Or
The Rain Forest, Panama Has A Place To Stay

Choosing to travel to the beautiful small country of Panama is easy, but selecting where you will stay and what you'll do once on vacation there is another matter...


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