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2018-2019 Canopy Tower A La Carte Tour Rates

Birding Tour Rates in US$ (+ 7% ITBMS)

Our all-inclusive room rate includes one (1) complimentary tour along Semaphore Hill Road for stays of three (3) or more nights. Additional tours are priced as shown below.

Prices are per person, 2 person minimum (or as indicated); all tours include snacks and beverages. All day tours include picnic lunch.

All of our tours are led by expert bilingual bird guides who carry Leica binoculars and a Leica scope. Our guides are also equipped with green laser pointers to help you locate the birds and with i-pods with bird vocalizations. Recordings are used judiciously.

Our groups are of a maximum of 8 guests per guide.

Private guide services cost $225 per day, plus the cost of the tour.

All Guided Bird Tours are exclusive to Canopy Tower guests.



2018-2019 Rate

Night Tour $70
Semaphore Hill Road $90
Summit Gardens $90
Plantation Trail $90
Summit Ponds & Old Gamboa Road $90
Ammo Dump Ponds $90
Pipeline Road (1/2 day) $100
Pipeline Road (full day) $160
Metropolitan Natural Park $115
Panama Rainforest Discovery Center $115
Barro Colorado Island $100
Gatun Lake Boat Tour $160
Achiote Road & San Lorenzo (min. 4 participants) $195
Cerro Azul & Cerro Jefe (min. 4 participants) $195


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