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2018-2019 Canopy Lodge A La Carte Tour Rates

Tour Rates in US$ (+ 7% ITBMS)

Our all-inclusive room rate includes one (1) complimentary tour along for stays of three (3) or more nights.  Additional tours are priced as shown below.

Prices are per person, 2 person minimum (or as indicated); all tours include snacks and beverages.  All day tours include picnic lunch.

All of our tours are led by expert bilingual bird guides who carry Leica binoculars and a Leica scope. Our guides are also equipped with green laser pointers to help you locate the birds and with i-pods with bird vocalizations.  Recordings are used judiciously.

Our groups are of a maximum of 8 guests per guide. Private guide services cost $225 per day, plus the cost of the tour.

All Tours are exclusive to Canopy Lodge guests.



2018-2019 Rate

"Chorro El Macho" Trail $80
Las Minas Trail $90
Cara Iguana or similar $90
La Mesa Road $90
Water Cress Trail $90
Cerro Gaital $95
Valle Chiquito $95
Dry Pacific Forest & Beach Lunch (full day) $205
Rio Indio & Jordanal (full day) $205
Altos del Maria (full day) $215


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